Summer of 2021: Safe vacation ideas

Summer is upon us and although almost everyone is longing to go on vacations and trips, many of us are hesitating because of the health risks. COVID-19 cases have been going up and new strains are lurking all around—so the question is: How should we spend the summer of 2021? 

The government and businesses want to open the economy gradually, including the travel sector. Health permits, swab tests and travel passes are not necessary anymore in many areas. Yet health experts are reminding us to remain careful because the dangers are still present.
No one can blame those who are craving for a little break. We’ve all been cooped up for a year (not a joke!), our lives are very stressful, the weather is good, and we all want to take a break before going back to school and work. 

So if you’re one of those intent on going on a trip this summer, know that it’s very important to stay safe and follow the guidelines—protocols are still in effect. As they say, no vacation is worth anyone’s life! Consider the following tips before you head outdoors this summer.

Consider a staycation or a destination within driving distance, to avoid having to travel by plane. Picnics, a bike ride around town, or a summer party in the park are great ideas.
Choose destinations that are not crowded, like a camp site that you can have for your group alone, a private pool, or a deserted beach. Wear masks if you have to be in common spaces like lobbies, registration areas, restrooms or cafes.

Rent a summer home. There are private resorts that you can rent for your family or group of friends, but be extra careful and bring your own beddings, towels and eating utensils. It’s also a good idea to disinfect surfaces before settling in, just to be sure.

Dine al fresco. New outdoor cafes and restaurants are opening all around town. You and your friends or family might want to give some of them a try.

Let a book take you places. This is probably the safest way to travel at this time. A book or a movie is cheap and safe. It may not come close to the thrill of real travel but for now, this is a great alternative.

Individuals who are at-risk should definitely consider staying put for the summer. Health officials all over the world, including the CDC, continue to advise against unnecessary travel. Some predict that travel will probably be much safer later this year, when more people have been vaccinated.