Rockwell opens its malls today

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You’ve seen how malls have changed the shopping experience at essential stores during the ECQ. You may be familiar with the drill by now, and with more stores opening under the modified ECQ, the desire to go for services and merchandise that were not available in the past two months is strong. But the fears of infection remain. Rockwell recognizes that and has been meticulously working on ways to make customers feel more secure.  Nothing is ever too much these days when it comes to safety.

Rockwell implements mandatory temperature checks, sanitation of hands, and the use of face masks, routine disinfection and sterilization of common areas, and stringent physical distancing.

RockWELL Power Plant Mall reopens

As it reopens today, Rockwell’s housekeeping will step up their game — elevators, escalators, walls, and other frequently-touched surfaces will be disinfected every 15 minutes with US Environmental Protection Agency-certified disinfectants and sterilizers.

The Eclipse Aurora HB Germicide & Disinfectant, which meets the criteria of EPA for use against SARS-CoV-2, the strain of coronavirus that causes COVID-19, will be used for misting and for disinfection of all common areas and frequently touched surfaces of the mall. This is also the disinfectant used for the footbath mat at all mall entrances.

Elevators, which allow only four passengers at a time for Power Plant Mall and two passengers at a time for The Grove Retail Row and Arton Strip, are equipped with a Stay Fresh Anti-Bacterial Diffuser. Aside from the protocol for all passengers to be two meters or six steps apart, escalators are equipped with a UV Care Escalator Handrail Sterilizer.  UVC Germicidal Lamps will regularly disinfect common areas after mall hours.

The new restroom protocol: Only four customers at a time will be allowed inside. All cubicles, counter tops, and sinks will be disinfected after every use.

Aside from the floor markers that aid in physical distancing and queuing, Mall Security will be positioned near all restrooms, elevators, and escalators to maintain order.

All staff and employees will submit to daily health checks and will be required to wear PPEs. Another strict set of safety protocols for each store will be implemented — adhering to government directives — such as limiting the number of people in stores, having disinfecting routines for merchandise, and prohibiting sampling products, among others.

Starting May 20, customers can just drive by to pick up their orders at Power Plant Mall with the launch of Rockwell In & Out. After customers place their orders with the stores, they can conveniently do a quick in and out pick-up while staying inside their vehicles at a centralized area in the P1 Level Car Park (by the mall entrance near True Value). A representative from the store will safely hand over the orders to the customer.

Customers can drive by to pick up their orders at Power Plant Mall with Rockwell In & Out.

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