Green living leads to good health

The increase in distance between nature and our living or working spaces could create discomfort and unease.

This is the reason why we feel unwell when placed in a room or building that is not properly ventilated, unclean, or not well-lit. We might experience minor symptoms like headaches and nausea or, over time, problems with our eyes and nose, physical and mental issues like panic attacks and depression, and so on. A term has even been coined for this condition: sick building syndrome.

On the contrary, we feel relaxed and comfortable when we are in a natural environment like the beach, forest, garden. Oxygen is abundant, we get our dose of sunshine and natural light, and we feel great. The goal, then, is to stay in nature as often as possible, or to put as much nature into our living and working space—for better health. 

Because our bodies do react to the environment where it is immersed, it is important to choose our living and working spaces wisely. For example, buildings and spaces built in accordance with green design principles are generally healthy for both the environment and the people living in it. The design of the space, its proportions, and the presence of natural elements like light and air are considerations that matter as far as our physical and mental health is concerned.

As an architect, I am proud to say that the green buildings and spaces we design and build in IDC (Italpinas Development Corp.) are places I myself would live in. And as the CEO of IDC, I can say that human experience has always been at the heart of our design and construction processes. From the early stage of design up to the final phase of construction, the relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces is always considered and natural elements are always infused into every aspect of development.

User experience must be a priority—from accessibility and the presence of natural elements like natural light and proper ventilation, to the use of passive and active green features like renewable energy production, rainwater harvesting system, shading, and natural ventilation—to make sure that building occupants get to enjoy the benefits of living in a natural environment, as well as the comforts offered by a well-designed space.

Italpinas’ Primavera Green Residences in Cagayan de Oro

While it’s true that the pandemic constrained us to spend much of our time indoors, it is also true that the COVID-19 crisis is making us realize how important it is to live a healthy life. We know it is important to eat healthy, exercise, spend time in the sun, limit our screen time, and so on. It all works hand in hand—being immersed in nature and developing healthy habits. For overall health, we can’t have one without the other.

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