Wonderful ways to live outdoors in 2021

We are looking at 2021 as another year wherein movement will still be restricted and people will  be spending most of their times indoors. The change in lifestyle has given birth to new trends in outdoor living. 

Where outdoor spaces were mainly used for activities like gardening and entertaining in the past, today it shifts to becoming multi-functional living spaces where family members can work, dine, relax, study, entertain, exercise, and so on. Here are some inspirations that could influence the way you live your outdoor life this year.

Prepare your outdoor space for the summer. The summer months in the Philippines can be cruel so prepare as early as possible to enjoy your outdoor space even when the heat intensifies. Buy patio umbrellas and drop down screens or install shade sails to provide cool spaces in the summer. You can also install a ceiling fan or buy industrial fans as needed.

Be creative with tiny spaces. If you don’t have a wide garden or yard and can only design a tiny terrace, don’t fret because there are ways to maximize small outdoor spaces. Make use of the walls by planting a vertical garden with vines and climbing plants, or painting a nature-inspired mural and finishing off the design with a colorful accent piece like a bright red chair or a tangerine colored coffee table.

Entertain in the sunshine. Since many of us can’t let friends or neighbors into the house yet, we can celebrate important family occasions or host weekend barbecues via a socially-distanced gathering of a small number of people. Set up a long table for this purpose and improve the ambience in the area by putting together a centerpiece, like a water fountain or a tiny sand garden.

Re-think your garden selection. You can plant more native plants and edibles, for example, if you mostly have ornamentals. Grow an herb garden to complete your victory patch, or grow flowers in a small cutting garden so you’ll have fresh flowers in the house all the time. These can also make wonderful gifts for friends and family, saving you some cash in the process.