Let the sunshine in

We need the sun every day.

Research shows that it helps strengthen our immune system and lift our mood. But on the days that we can’t go outdoors, we could always allow some sunshine into our rooms. 

A sunroom refers to a room with large windows through which the sun could shine its warm light. A sunroom can be a converted porch or patio, a sunny bedroom or dining area, or even a bathroom with huge sun windows. It is also sometimes called a four-season room, which only means that the area is meant to be enjoyed year-round.

The term can sometimes be used interchangeably with the words conservatory and solarium. A conservatory is a room or an external structure with glass walls and a glass roof. It is primarily used for horticultural purposes. A solarium, on the other hand, is also a room with glass windows and sometimes also a glass roof. It is built to function as a recreation area.

If you have an under-utilized room in your house with huge windows or a skylight, you can convert it into a relaxing and cozy sunroom.

Things you can do with a sunroom

Spend a lazy day curled up on a comfy sofa, reading a good book and drinking your favorite beverage. Take a nap in there or maybe even spend the night sleeping out of your bedroom.

Some people use the sunroom as an extension of their living area, which means it is set up for entertaining and conversations with guests or family members. Others place a herb garden in their sunroom or place a lot of greenery since plants would thrive in the sunlight.

Some use it as an alternate dining area or even a working area. Those with little children use it as a playroom, setting it up with cabinets for toys and art materials. And because it gets a healthy dose of sun, many people use it for meditation, yoga, tai chi, or any other form of physical workout at home.

It can be an entertainment center, a game room, a bar, an indoor pool/jacuzzi area, or a music room if you can manage to fit simple musical instruments in there. 

Designing and decorating your sunroom

Set up a small breakfast nook near a window, or put a small writing table and a chair in the room. If you want to be minimal, a simple area rug and a meditation pillow can turn it into the perfect prayer room or meditation room.

Roll out a yoga mat and play some music for exercising. Decorating the sunroom pretty much depends on the purpose you want to assign to it.

For many people, the mandatories would be comfortable sitting or lounging pieces: window seats, chaise lounge, rocking chair, day bed, hanging sofa, or even a swing!

Plus, lots of blankets throw shade for the windows when the sun gets too bright, pillows and rugs, mats, carpets, some candles, incense, and plants. Just make sure that your furniture can withstand harsh conditions since it will be getting soaked in heat and sunlight regularly.