The mudroom returns

Because of hygiene issues related to the pandemic, it’s a great idea to set up a mudroom in the house or right outside the entrance.

But what is a mudroom?

It’s a space, or an actual room, where people can remove and leave dirty shoes, jackets, wet clothing, umbrellas, hats, etc. The purpose is to make sure that the house remains as clean as possible, and that dirt and bad smell won’t go into the living areas. 

In light of the pandemic, add face shields, masks, and PPE to the list. Some people are installing sinks in the area for easy handwashing. If this is not possible, a sanitizing station will do. You can also disinfect your purchases, bags, and other belongings here before you bring them into the house.

A mudroom may be situated right outside the front door. Other homes have room for it in the foyer area. It can also be set up at the back, by the backdoor, garage, or laundry area so dirty clothing can go straight to the wash.

It’s very important to place storage spaces like lockers, shoe cabinets, boxes, drawers, baskets, and so on. A chair or bench is a practical addition, along with hooks and shelves. Make sure, too, that flooring can withstand the elements. Some homeowners opt for easy-clean vinyl or linoleum floors, tiles, or cement—but definitely not wood or carpet.

You can dedicate a cabinet for cleaning paraphernalia like brooms, mops, rags, and disinfecting solutions. If your mudroom is situated outside the house and if there is easy access to a faucet, attach a water hose so you can easily hose down things like muddy shoes before hanging them out to dry.

The plantitos and plantitas can even water or soak their house plants here! If it will be used in this way, it is important to install a drain for the dirty water.

And finally, to make your mudroom pretty, paint the walls a bright color, install nice light fixtures, and add some potted or hanging plants. You can also include a couple of throw pillows, a mirror, and a few pieces of art on the walls—and you’ll have the perfect mudroom.