Premier living for every Filipino family

The common notion is that the upper echelons of society are the ones who can only afford premier real estate. Wide roads, impressive open spaces and amenities usually come with a hefty price tag – but what if they didn’t have to?

A big chunk of the current housing backlog falls under the P3-million price range. With the millions of Filipino families that still need to invest in their own homes, it is time to make premier real-estate more accessible to the next generation of Filipino families.

So, what makes real estate premier? For me, there are three components. The first is quality housing units. These are homes made of solid and durable structures that will keep families

safe and secure for decades. On top of reliable structure, finishings should be skillfully done by professionals. Future homeowners should not shoulder additional expenses for proper windows, toilets, baths, bedrooms, ceilings, bedroom partitions, and whatnots.

Second, the home must be in a thriving community. Prime real estate can be found in growth areas with strategic and accessible areas, not just in highly-developed locations.

With proper planning, design, and disciplined property management, family-centered communities are ideal for raising the next generation of Filipinos.

Safe and expansive areas for physical activities that foster play, friendship and family bonding are components of premier real estate that every Filipino family deserves to enjoy. When the community is robust, there is no doubt that its real estate values will be double, too!

For the last component, premier real estate delivers excellent services from a dedicated team. The service starts with providing easy-to-own housing packages, seamless loan applications with financing institutions, and a timely investment turnover.

These three things, when planned deliberately and executed exceptionally, are the foundations of prime real estate.

Let’s talk about inexpensive premier real-estate! Email me at [email protected].—PAMMY VITAL.