Identifying golden opportunities in real estate

As the Philippine economy slowly recovers from the perils of a global pandemic,  the real estate pricing index has been boasting of double-digit growth. This is just another confirmation that real estate investments are not just enduring but robust and thriving assets, even in the bleakest situations.

Filipinos must now learn how to be more discerning in identifying golden opportunities in real estate. It is only a matter of time until global economies will breach pre-pandemic heights. So now is the time to strike and invest in these opportunities.

One strong and promising growth area worth considering for an investment is the South Luzon area, particularly Laguna, Batangas and Quezon.

Here are some factors that must be considered when deciding:

First, consider value for money in terms of space, quality of development, and for investment’s future value. Tiny condo spaces in dense communities have a slim chance of growing in value over time due to its congested state, making for faster deterioration. Find an investment that will steadily grow in value over time. Make sure that the vision for your investment is aligned with your future plans and goals. 

Next, consider the ongoing and future development plans in the area. The foresight of growth areas has resulted in real estate returns of as much as 100 times over a 20-year period. Development factors to consider include accessibility and proximity to current urban areas and new commerce centers, availability of utilities, and especially internet connectivity, progressive and long-term national and local government plans. A strong advantage in investing in new cities is better urban planning, such as higher standards for drainage and road systems to prevent flooding and deterioration.

Lastly, a real estate investment is not just a financial decision that we expect to appreciate over time. It is an investment that must enrich and improve one’s quality of life as well. There is no other investment that will be the foundation and roots for the rest of our lives, so make sure that this will give you not only financial returns but, more importantly, will also make life worth more living.

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