Ovialand: Pioneering premier living experience

It has been over six months since the pandemic has shaken the global economy, affecting industry giants and entrepreneurs alike. While many organizations have chosen the path of caution, Ovialand Inc. has chosen the path of grit and courage. Led by their promise of “Premier Living you Deserve,” this property developer is not slowing down amid the pandemic as they are determined to deliver their commitments to their clients. 

“We made commitments to our clients that we will provide their dream homes this year. We decided as a team that we will not let a pandemic prevent us from fulfilling our promises. Especially now that more families are deciding to stay home to keep their loved ones safe, we realized that we had to find safe ways to help them move to their new homes as soon as possible,” shares Ovialand Inc. president Pammy Vital.

Merely five years since Ovialand launched its first premier project in the heart of Sto. Tomas, Batangas, Terrazza de Sto. Tomas, the Company has strived to keep its promise to provide its clientele with a premier living experience they can only find at Ovialand developments. Since the Company launched its first project in 2015, Ovialand has launched four more premier residential projects in the first half of 2020, all located in the south of Luzon.

“To say that it has been a busy past five years is an understatement, but we are enjoying every minute of this journey. We are proud of our developments that provide more than adequate space not just inside the living spaces but the community as a whole. Our developments have wide-open spaces and each family unit has more than enough space to feel comfortable and secure, especially during the times of the stringiest quarantine guidelines,” shares Vital.

Led by Leaders

Ovialand takes its success from its people who are mostly composed of disciplined managers and 

supervisors who are goal-driven and put the Company’s mission of giving its clients the “Premier Living Experience” as the center of all their tasks. Led by Vital, OLI’s recipe for success includes the Company’s strong emphasis on working with values and consciously being aware of the company culture that every member is laying down.

“We know that the culture we build today will dictate the success of our company in the years to come. That is why our team strives to work together to give you the Premier Living Experience you deserve,” Vital added. 

The COVID-19 pandemic truly put the team’s commitment to the test. But instead of adopting a wait and see attitude, the team quickly evaluated their options and diligently laid out their strategy. “Definitely, the highest priority was safety. And there was a compelling obligation to help restart the economy. When those were established, we quickly got to work,” shared Vital. 

Together with Ovialand’s property management team, the communities they serve could impose their own additional guidelines against COVID-19 quickly. For its employees, the Company announced work-from-home set up for tasks that can be done remotely. Team members who have to report to work are taken care of by providing daily shuttles and comfortable staff housing for easy and safe access to their offices and communities. Through this strategic approach to the quarantine measures in their various localities, the Company was able to continue serving their communities and clients and was able to resume their business as early as mid-May. 

Meanwhile, for their construction workers, the Company provided free COVID-19 testing as well as additional allowances to ensure their and their families’ health and safety during the pandemic. 

“We were surprised that even during enhanced community quarantine, we received online inquiries about our developments. We believe this is because the pandemic has reminded almost every one of the importance of having a safe, secure and relaxing home. They think that this is something they can have within the areas of our premier developments,” Vital shared.

It has been four months since Ovialand has adapted to this new way of doing things, and this has brought up their sales as more families choose to experience premier living. 

Further Delivering Premier Living to Every Family

Ovialand launched its fourth premier housing project in the Province of Quezon, bringing the Company’s total to 28 hectares of developments with 1,688 house and lot units. The Company has sold 1,100 of these units and has completed 661 houses and lots of units over its five years of its operations. These projects are Terrazza de Sto. Tomas in Sto. Tomas, Batangas, which is 100-percent completed and turned over as committed; Sannera in San Pablo Laguna, which currently stands at 70-percent completion for Phase 1 and 15-percent completion for Phase 2; Caliya Phase 1 in Candelaria, Quezon, with the initial turnover scheduled this coming October. 

In the coming months, Ovialand will be launching as scheduled the second phase of its Caliya project in Candelaria, Quezon, and two more premier projects in Laguna and Quezon Province. These two new projects are expected to add eight hectares to the Company’s sprawling premier residential projects, which will provide an additional 650 house and lot units. More houses mean that more families can enjoy Ovialand’s Premier Living Experience.

“Since we launched Terrazza de Sto. Tomas, Ovialand has never stopped exploring other potential areas to build more premier communities where families can dwell and thrive. We tell ourselves that each client of ours is not just buying a place for shelter, but rather building their families’ future. The place where they will decide to live will dictate their decisions for their long-term future. We want to make sure that this is a decision that they will look back at and say, ‘I made the right choice’ and ‘This right choice is the premier living experience that is unique to Ovialand alone,’” Vital concluded.