Ushering luck in our homes

The Ghost Month has ended and hopefully, the worst of 2020 has also been spirited away.

According to Chinese folk belief and feng shui practitioners, the seventh month of the lunar calendar year is called the Ghost Month, considered to be a dangerous period as this is the time when the gates of hell open, allowing spirits to go in and out of our world and do harm. It is believed that during this period, the yin overpowers the yang, and when the yin chi dominates a house, it starts to attract ghosts and wandering spirits, which were released from hell to roam freely among the living.


The Ghost Month ended last Sept. 16. Does this even mean anything for property buyers?

Experts say that for those considering a property these days, there are certain ways to prevent the ire of the spirits and instead bring luck into your homes.

Here are some practical tips to attract good chi in your property, some are from my mother who raised all her children to always keep the house clean and orderly while some are from property developer Sta. Lucia Land.


Keep your space clean and tidy

A clean and clutter-free home allows good energy to freely flow throughout one’s home. A clean house provides greater focus, concentration, and clarity of mind thus allowing one to be even more productive.

To really make sure the floors are clean, my mother said it should pass the spaghetti test. This means that if you can eat spaghetti on the floor, then it is clean. Of course, I don’t think I would ever pass that test but I’m sure I really learned how to clean the house.

Put some bright lights to spruce up dark corners

Light brings positive energy and helps ward off uninvited spirits so make sure to replace busted bulbs and broken lamps. It’s always wise to keep every nook and corner of your home bright and happy and one way to do this is to let natural light in. So open those windows and curtains and just let the sunshine in.

Fresh coat of paint

Adding a fresh coat of light or bright paint when the colors become dull can also improve the energy in the house.

Shades of blue that resemble the sea are believed to repel ghosts, Sta. Lucia said. 

Music and wind chimes

Aside from colors and sights, sound can also help ward off ghosts and uninvited spirits so hang those wind chimes to ensure that only good chi will dominate your space.

Sturdy main door

My mother also said a house should have a sturdy door and it should be big enough to let the good chi in.

The door must have no squeaking sound and could open widely without any form of obstacle.

Make it a happy home

Of course, cleaning and cleansing one’s home won’t be enough. It is more important to have a nurturing environment so the residents can be happy and cheerful. This will be more powerful in countering the negativity that hungry ghosts may bring.

Ideal home sites 

Sta. Lucia Land meanwhile offers possible sites that can help attract good chi.

These include projects in Cavite such as Nottingham Villas at Metro South, which offers the ideal suburban lifestyle, and Mesilo, surrounded by lush trees and a gently-sloping terrain; in Batangas, such as Nasacosta, a beachside resort-residential development and Brookside at Summit Point, where one can find an 18 hole championship golf course; in Rizal, with Monteverde East, among other options.

These projects have lush greeneries, rivers and man-made lakes that allow for positive chi to freely flow, tranquil views that would afford for a more relaxed vibe, and all of which are located within thriving communities that contribute to having that upbeat and positive vibe in one’s living spaces.