Sustainable homes for Filipinos

In this modern day, more people are becoming environmentally conscious. We are taking various initiatives on how to conserve and protect the Earth’s resources and carefully consider the possible environmental impact of our day-to-day routine.

Sustainability is one of the most popular design trends for our homes. One might think that going green could hinder them to enjoy a comfortable and modern lifestyle, yet sustainable homes actually ensure a more efficient and better quality of life. In fact, many homeowners are choosing to live and move in sustainable homes yet some might still wonder why sustainable homes are becoming so popular nowadays.

Currently, there’s a race happening across industries to find greener solutions that will help control and avoid catastrophic climate change impacts. Failure to adopt green building construction habits, energy-saving strategies, and use eco-friendly materials would significantly upsurge carbon emissions.

The good news is with the current real estate industry status in the Philippines, there are many residential and building developers that practice new approaches and technologies that can lessen carbon emissions and energy consumption.

One of the real estate developers in the country, Imperial Homes, has explored solutions and made it possible to use innovative building technology known as Property Technology (PropTech). PropTech is applied in building cost-effective greener homes that could potentially far outlive homes made with conventional materials.

It is a new movement in the Philippine real estate scene. Under the field of PropTech are other solutions and technologies that are used to disrupt real estate industries across the globe, including smarter real estate tools — Financial Technology (FinTech) and Construction Technology (ConTech).

All of these are enabling a shift into how real estate projects are designed — efficient and economic, yet intelligent and with lifestyle and experience in mind, plus an eco-friendly twist. So when you’re looking for sustainable homes, here are a few reasons you should choose to live in Imperial Homes.

Focuses on eco-friendly, livable leisure developments

Among the missions of Imperial Homes is creating not just livable spaces but livable communities. More than just beauty in design, they are also cultivating a new focus on eco-friendly leisure developments where people can live full lives while reducing their environmental impact.

By partnering with Denmark-based tech provider Connovate, Imperial Homes is now able to build more sustainable structures — not just in terms of having a low environmental impact, but also in terms of speed, lifespan, features, ease of use, and repairability.

Connovate is a high-performance concrete building technology that offers less carbon footprint, 100-year material lifespan, fast construction and insulation abilities, among other innovative features. Imperial Homes is the first developer to use the technology and to produce it for low-cost mass housing projects in our country.

Uses greener building technologies

With the partnership between Imperial Homes and Connovate, they have addressed the issues and demands of modern-day Filipinos who are looking for homes that are sturdy since our country is being beaten constantly by typhoons.

Imperial Homes has now acquired 20 times stronger concrete that has a longer service life than conventional materials. The panels produced are also typhoon-, earthquake-, and fire-proof. The reinforced concrete can potentially last for about 265 years, twice as much as the average lifespan of what’s readily available. The material is also a good insulator, which can keep the cold in, and the heat out.

Redefines what a modern-day Filipino home is like

Apart from achieving greener architecture through the concrete developed by Connovate, Imperial Homes also made sure to keep energy consumption low for homeowners. Imperial Homes’ solar solutions are able to provide savings opportunities for their residents. Solar paneling is able to provide 71 percent savings on energy consumption, and potentially a hundred percent savings on a resident’s electricity bill.

Imperial Homes is able to help address a growing concern over energy consumption, and even provide a way for people to give back. If enough energy is generated, tenants can be turned from consumers to “prosumers” who send cleaner electricity excess back into the grid and potentially even earn extra cash. Both clean energy and greener building technologies mean that residents who choose to live in such homes are able to not just give back to the community, but reduce their overall carbon footprint.

Imperial Homes Corp. is one of the leading real estate developers in the country with 30 years track record, primarily engaged in the development of modern leisure villages, middle income as well as low cost housing projects.

Indeed, sustainable homes are the new ideal homes for many Filipinos. As Imperial Homes introduces a new cost-effective and eco-friendly building materials and sets a standard for green buildings in the country, it opens more opportunities while crafting an architectural movement in the local real estate industry.