Feng shui tips for selling a home

Do you want to sell your home in the fastest possible time with the highest offer? Then consider feng shui when listing it. It is advantageous to learn the basics of feng shui so buyers do not get trapped in a negative-energy home that can bring bad luck, stagnation in careers, lackluster marriage, health problems or even sickly family members. Since more people are considering feng shui when buying a home, better prepare your home in the best possible light to get buyers right away.

Feng shui is a Chinese science that is based on a lot of common sense. It boils down to harnessing the positive qi or chi (energy) in the home.

The head board should have a wall at the back to support it: Buyers are now looking for the most important position of the master bedroom or master of the house bed positioning.

Here are some tips.

  1. Always think about your curb appeal. Keep the entrance tidy and clutter-free for unhindered flow of chi. I had a client who did not want to continue the tripping or house viewing because the entryway was made into a mudroom — and not the pretty kind one would see in Architectural Digest. It literally was a mudroom — there was garbage right in front, a shoe rack of old, soiled shoes, a worn-out mat. Needless to say, Madame Y was so turned off it was crossed off our list. She did not even want to enter the house! I had to apologize to the listing agent. The entrance is probably one of the most important aspects of the house. Therefore, if you want to sell fast, make it pleasing, clutter-free, and bright.
  2. Landscaping is part of the curb appeal. Is your house full of dead plants? Is your lawn full of weeds and spider webs? Then this will make your house look unkempt and it will give off negativity. Invest in your front landscaping if you want top peso for your home. Cut off unsightly weeds, take out ivy from your walls. Ivy — apart from its aggressive nature — will go into your gutters. Ivy can also harbor rodents and insects. Despite it looking very pretty or Instagram, especially on European hotels or chalets, the ivy plant is invasive so might as well take it out unless you can afford a professional landscaper or hardinero to maintain these crawling plants.
  3. Is your entrance visible to visitors? Visitors must know where and which is the entrance of the house. They say that if the entrance is hard to find, luck will also find a hard time entering your home. If the entrance of your home is on the side, a pathway that leads to that side entrance will be a good addition. You can carve out that pathway with clear groundwork, or even line that pathway with flowering plants.
  4. Do not put a mirror right opposite your front door as this is said to bounce off luck or energy coming into your home. It is best to put the mirror on the wall beside the door and not in direct opposite of your door.
  5. According to feng shui, windows act as our eyes and provide focus and insight. To help your buyer feel clear about his or her intentions, wash your windows regularly, and keep window coverings simple, highlighting the view as opposed to closing up the curtains.
  6. Buyers are now looking for the most important position of the master bedroom or master of the house bed positioning. As I mentioned in my story in STAR Property Report’s Chinese New Year special, it should be in a commanding position where the head board has a wall at the back to support it. It is a position where you can see who comes into the room. If you have a home office, It is the same thing. The desk should be in a commanding position where people coming into the head office can be seen right away. Stage your home to rearrange furniture if this is not how your furniture pieces are arranged.
  7. Improve your home’s curb appeal before showing it: Keep the entrance tidy and clutter-free for unhindered flow of chi.
  8. In every bathroom of the house: always keep the bathroom doors closed and toilet lids down to avoid negative energy or sha.
  9. The stove cannot be beside the sink. If this is the case, find a way to move the stove. Mirrors in the kitchen are also not advisable.
  10. Mirrors are best put in the dining room or on the dining table. Mirrors are said to multiply what it reflects. So if it reflects abundance of food, that is the type of abundance you want. Do not put clutter on top of the dining table especially when showing the house as it creates a bad energy if it is full of kalat. Some people also have the tendency to do work on the dining table so paperwork should be taken off as it means the load of work or school is doubled when in front of the mirror.
  11. Take out as much personal items in your home during viewings by potential buyers. Remove personal photo frames, memorabilia. Make it a generic show home as much as possible. You want to be able to evoke a sense that the buyer can live here.
  12. Take out dirty dishcloths, soiled towels hanging, and clutter. I cannot stress this enough. There are professional home cleaners and organizers whom you can call to help you de-clutter before you sell your home. The expense will be worth it when you sell for a higher price because it was a pleasing, clean and organized home to show.
  13. Do a congruency check in each room of the house. Remove objects that are incongruent with the function of that room. For example, there is a treadmill in the bedroom or there is a computer on dining room table. Put things where they belong.
  14. Sometimes there is nothing that you can do with the topography of the land. And there is nothing that you can do if your house is already on a land that is unsuitable. For future reference, land should not have big drop-offs. Avoid land where the yard drops down. You want flat land or land that gently slopes up behind the property— not a yard that drops off behind a building. A home is best on solid earth, not a home on stilts or partially stilted. The best floor plan is a lot that is a square or rectangle, not an odd shape.
  15. As far as the interior of the home is concerned, most things are workable. As feng shui is an art form about balance, peace, and stability, it is best to use it to create a suitable home that people can see themselves living in. However, the last tip and maybe the most difficult is the intention to sell. It is hard to let go of a home if you’ve owned it for many years and have good memories of and in it. Every person in the family should be in the right mindset in selling the home. If family members do not want to move out, it will affect the chi of the house and can affect its successful sale on the market. When getting ready to part with your beloved home, it is important to be mentally and emotionally prepared to let it go so you can make it ready for a new owner.