From extravagance to balance: Luxe living in Trava at Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Years ago, luxury came in the form of wine fountains, mink coats and a collection of gas-guzzling automobiles. What people nowadays are finding out is that fossil fuels are not infinite, that entire countries have become vulnerable to climate change, and that health is indeed wealth.

Around the world, individuals have started to redefine their notions and expectations of what constitutes luxury. Here in the Philippines, Trava by upscale brand Greenfield Deluxe is showing how residents can enjoy sensible luxury in a future-forward community in Sta. Rosa City.

Its name derives from “grasslands,” the idea being that the green, vast open space in Trava is where children can soak up the fresh air as they run and play, and where individuals can be rejuvenated after a day of being holed up in the boardroom full of conference calls.

The lots are generously sized from 550 to 750 sqm., a welcome indulgence especially for those who are living and working in dense, urban spaces. In megacities, residential units are extremely small they have become just a place to sleep. But in Trava, a family can build a beautiful house so spacious it can create all-new memories.

There are no unsightly crisscrossed utility cables, rather you have wide tree-lined roads for leisurely strolls. The homes are also gateless and powered by underground utilities that emit reduced amounts of magnetic fields.

One can truly staycation at home because the 33-hectare development is intended to be a mix of residential lots, commercial areas, and approximately 45 percent verdant spaces, tree-lined roads, parks and open spaces. Eco-rich surroundings characterized by lush pocket parks, and a countryside vista, usually only found in high-end, out-of-town leisure resorts, serve as the backyard here. And yet one does not have to trade lifestyle conveniences for being close to nature; the commercial zone within the neighborhood takes care of the villagers’ quick grocery needs and other errands.

Stunning, Sustainable

In Trava, property owners can take those first steps towards a more nuanced lifestyle. Since the terrain is relatively flat compared to other developments on the market, everyone — especially the little ones and the elderly — will benefit from leisurely strolls while delighting in the sight of a rare bird, the gentle sunrays peeking through a canopy of trees, or a neighbor waving hello. It’s amazing how freeing for the senses to not have to view unsightly crisscrossed utility cables just like in upper-class suburban enclaves abroad where, as in Trava, the homes are gateless and powered by underground utilities that emit reduced amounts of magnetic fields.

By today’s standards, luxury is no longer about excessive display of wealth; quite the opposite in fact — it is now about being “thoughtfully balanced,” which is more stunning and sustainable anyway. At Trava, the clubhouse amenities and sports facilities are deluxe but not superfluous, enabling residents to make the most out of their wellness experience.

The lots at Trava are generously sized from 550 to 750 sqm, a welcome indulgence especially for those who have been living and working in dense, urban spaces.

Green architecture may be expensive at first sight but the benefits to the residents and the bigger community are so very worth it. The clubhouse is not just a visual masterpiece by one of the country’s most prestigious architecture companies. It has solar-powered areas and is sustainably designed and constructed using natural and energy-efficient materials such as engineered wood, glass that reduces exposure to UV and infrared light, odorless paint, and permeable pavers were used on the driveways and patios, that allow rainwater to naturally drain, instead of concrete or asphalt.

Since luxury greatly depends on location, home seekers can rest assured that within the growth center of Sta. Rosa City, sustainable luxury is a dream that can be realized. Unlike in Metro Manila cities, the roads in and out of Greenfield City are wide and well-planned, which means residents won’t have to spend precious hours bemoaning traffic congestion and missed social connections and “me time.” The business district is masterplanned in a way that it fully integrates with leisure and commercial hubs. It is accessible from Manila and Calabarzon via Sta. Rosa Interchange and Eton-Greenfield Exit, and soon with the Cavite-Laguna Expressway, transportation across those distances will be even more comfortable and efficient.

Greenfield Development Corporation is one of the property developers at the forefront of the exciting green architecture movement in the country today. For more details on how you and your family can live the good life sustainably, simply visit