Joeben Tai on becoming a mover in the real estate industry

Joeben Tai, founder and president of Grand Taipan

It would be intimidating for some to start an enterprise, what more a real estate company, at a time when the Philippines is experiencing a property boom. More skyscrapers are touching the sky, and more lands are transformed into townships. Joeben Tai had one goal: to be a real estate developer. In 2016, took the risk and started Grand Taipan. He had enough experience as a real estate broker for him to have a deeper understanding of the trends and gaps in the industry.

“Being a real estate broker, I got to know and learn the different projects being offered in the market. I also received feedback from my clients with what they want and what’s lacking in a property they have acquired. Having heard all of this, I knew I can do more if I had my own real estate development company,” Tai recalled.

He faced tough challenges along the way, but the toughest for him was being “new” to the industry. He explained, “You need to earn the trust and respect of everyone, for them to believe in what you’re doing. This not only applies to the clients, as well as project partners and employees.”

Tai’s optimistic approach to things reflects in how he deals with challenges. “I see these challenges as opportunities to do something different and to be able to learn valuable things,” he shared.

Three years into running Grand Taipan, Tai continues to be a keen observer in his industry. “The Philippine real estate industry is maturing as Filipinos are becoming more discerning in buying real estate. Property developers are also getting competitive. They’re looking at the market needs and adapt to what the buyers want,” he said.

Applying all this, Grand Taipan is able to conceptualize the right projects, find strategic locations, and offer unique propositions.

When asked about his vision for the company, Tai says, “I see Grand Taipan to be a prime mover in the real estate industry. We’re not only constructing buildings but landmarks in every area we are in. We’re developing projects my company and I can be proud of.”

Grand Taipan’s first and premiere real estate development, the Verano Greenhills, was named “Best Condo Architectural Design” and cited “Highly Commended for Best Condo Interior Design” during the 2018 Property Guru Philippines Property Awards. It is set for completion in 2022.