Gentlemen’s passions and selections at Casa de Memoria’s Primero auction

The Gentleman in all of us must consider the addition of artistic and interesting pieces to adorn one’s exclusive sanctuary at home. Honestly, being around wonderful pieces really ups the mood in these times when we need to be cautious venturing out and about.

We picked out a few items that would be suitable beyond the spears and skin pelts at Primero, the first auction of the Lhuillier-managed Casa de Memoria, happening on May 30. These items, which are available online via auction house Casa de Memoria — powered by Invaluable — may not make you an esteemed explorer or a genteel writer but will definitely add character.

It is also important to note that proceeds of the auction will be donated to funding the emergency quarantine facility (EQF) at Sta. Ana Hospital Manila for COVID-19 patients, so each purchase is actually helping ease the effects of this pandemic.

Here are picks for you:

English style leather swivel armchair

Every den needs a chair, and this English-styled leather adds contrast. And it is comfortable. This 20th century swivel (Lot 36) may be the right chair for you.

Islas Filipinas by Francisco Coello and Antonio Morata

Maps are always a welcome addition in any den. Hung on the wall or propped in on a mantel or book shelf, these maps are not only decorative but have gravitas. Of note is this map, “Islas Filipinas” by Francisco Coello (1822-1898) and Antonio Morata (1806- 1870) (Lot 17). Curatorial notes show that it was printed and hand-colored in Madrid, 1852; from a collection of maps titled Posesiones de Oceania of the DiccionarioGeografico-Estadistico-Historico / Atlas de España y susPosesiones de Ultramar, covering the Philippine Islands and the entirety of the Spanish possessions in Oceania. An edition of one of the 34 maps of Asia and the Philippines used to support Philippine claim against China in 2012 to 2016 over territorial disputes surrounding Scarborough Shoal.

Missing looking at a body of water? Perhaps this lot, “Plan de la Baye de Manille” (Lot 56) by Jacques Nicolas Bellin, from Paris, 1764 is a hand-colored copper engraving depicting the isle of Luzon, with a scale of three common leagues. Numbered “Tome III, No. 67,” would be more to your liking.

A selection of silver items would sit well on your work desk, or study coffee table. A Portuguese salt cellar with a Blackamoor from the 20th century (Lot 71) can be repurposed as a bud vase, and paired with a similar silver lock box (Lot 72), ideal to hide the keys to the prized roadster.

Portable writing cabinet with silver mounts

And finally, a personal favorite is the stationary wardrobe (Lot 92) from Spain, late 19th century. With intricate details on silver mounts throughout the body, it consists of two smaller drawers with central drawer for pens; a longer central drawer for papers, and a larger compartment underneath likely for inks and other materials.

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