AllHome offers unique shopping experience for homeowners, designers and builders

When it comes to the home, every homeowner wants one that reflects his or her personal style and taste. As someone who frequently watches television shows on home renovation, interior design, construction and home improvements, renovations and house flipping, I am amazed at what designers, builders, and homeowners can achieve with paint, nails, hardwood, and sheer determination. For some, it is challenging to make their dream home design to fruition either because they cannot visualize it well or because some stores do not carry the materials or items that they need. Thankfully, AllHome offers a new and unique shopping experience for homeowners, designers and builders.

AllHome is a one-stop shop for all home needs. I particularly enjoy going through the aisles because of the vast range of products and services on display that are value for money and suit every particular needs and wants of any homeowner. There are seven key categories — furniture, hardware, appliances, tiles, sanitary wares, home wares, linens, and construction materials. Each category is organized well throughout AllHome’s floor plan, with each product displayed as to how they would actually look in a home.

In addition, it also offers free consultations with its in-house design consultants.

Builder’s Centre is where customers can buy doors and doorframes; roofing materials; paint; hardware and electrical materials and tools. The tiles section is complete with indoor, outdoor, bathroom, and kitchen tiles of various designs and textures. While the sanitary wares section contains a wide selection of bathtubs, showerheads, toilets, sinks and faucets — some from countries such as Italy and Japan, known for their high-quality products.

AllHome also houses furniture such as sofas and armchairs, tables, bedroom furnishings, outdoor furniture, and home accessories including flowers, vases, and picture frames. Bed linens, towels and tablecloths, including pillows of all shapes, sizes, colors and design can also be found here. Home Organizer, stores all of the cabinets, organization, and storage bins that would make any KonMari practitioners giddy with delight.

Appliances are also readily available at AllHome. Washing machines, television sets, electric fans, stoves, ovens and air conditioners from prestigious brands such as Samsung, Dyson, Nespresso, just to name a few, can be seen here. While My Mother’s Cupboard is perfect for those who aspire to have the ideal kitchen and dining areas. Its well-curated and elaborate pieces include cooking and baking wares and tools, baskets, plates and serving platters, glasses and pitchers, and other tchotchkes that can be used to make a beautifully set dining table can be seen here.

AllHome has made it possible for every homeowner, DIY aficionado, builders and designers to shop for everything they would need to create a comfortable living space and truly make it a home, thanks to its one-stop-shop concept and high value for providing customer service including home delivery with free assembly, flexible payment options for both credit card and non-credit cardholders, and a loyalty program that allows customers to earn points and rewards for their purchases.

And with its 27 stores that are available all over the country, shopping for the home has never been easier, unique and exciting.

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