An unforgettable shower experience

Earlier this month, Property Report PH was invited to experience the ultimate shower experience by Kuysen at their Kuysen Design and Experience Center in Makati.

As someone who frequently watches television shows on home renovation, interior design, and all things related to the home, this was a special treat.

The Kuysen Design and Experience Center is the first of its kind in the country. Visitors get to see and experience luxe home furniture and impressive fixtures that are beyond the ordinary. Each floor is devoted to a particular room in a home. For this particular experience, we were directly brought to the fifth floor, the Designer Bathroom. In this level, a selection of award-winning design and innovation from brands such as Hansgrohe, Axor, and Duravit can be found.

The Kuysen Design and Experience Center is a five-story, multifunction building — a showroom that is the first of its kind in the Philippines.

Specialized showerheads, faucets, sinks, bathtubs, and toilets are all on display. The shower and faucets are all functioning so visitors can get to see how they work. But for those who want to experience firsthand any or all of the shower features of the brands Kuysen houses, a shower room can be found on this floor. Robes, towels, and toiletries were all provided by our gracious hosts.

The whole shower room spoke to my sleek and minimalist aesthetic. Inside, there were four showerheads, including the Axor ShowerHeaven and the Axor Showerpipe. The Axor ShowerHeaven was what I really wanted to experience, as it was the most unique out of the four. It has four retractable “wings” that come out when you turn it on. These wings create a spray of silky raindrops. Soft, quiet, and powerful, they target the body, softly enveloping it in a cocoon of water. Users can preset these wings to a soothing shower rain, a revitalizing water jet, or a concentrated mono jet in the middle — which can be very good for those with stiff shoulders — depending on the user’s preference.

The Axor ShowerHeaven is really impressive in size as well, with 1.2-meter long and 30-centimeter wide plane surface of high-quality metal. The whole encounter truly delivered a luxurious shower experience; so much so that I took a long time reveling in it.

Kuysen is one of the leading sources in luxury home furniture and fixtures and this was evident not just by the interiors of its showroom, which were a feast to the senses, but also by the products that they carry. I left Kuysen feeling refreshed and ready to face whatever metropolitan Manila had to throw at me.