Malt + cheese = magic

(Clockwise) Marin French Triple Crème Brie (perfect with Engkanto Pale Ale), Rogue Creamery Chocolate Stout (Kalinga Kolsch), Marin French Breakfast Cheese (Lapu Lapu Lager), Rogue Creamery Rosemary Cheddar (Fish Rider Pale Ale), Point Reyes Toma (Dumaguete Dubble), Fiscalini Bandaged Wrapped Cheddar (Dark Hat Porter), Vela Dry Jack (Cerveza Sagada Saison), and Point Reyes Original Blue (Exit Wounds IPA)

While still saving up for the fancy pair of basketball shoes that your dad wishes to receive on Father’s Day, give him the next best thing: a unique experience of beer and cheese pairing!

Create magic with some bottles of local craft beers by matching their flavor and smoothness with varieties of cheeses. It’s time to visit the dairy section and look for at least three types of cheeses for the perfect cheese board: a soft, creamy variety like brie, a portion of hard cheese like dry jack, and a flavorful one such as blue cheese.

There are two kinds of pairing — complementary and contrast — and it’s up to your taste buds. For beer and cheese, however, light cheese is for less “hoppy” beer like pale ale and the citrusy ones. Otherwise, the bitter flavor will overpower the cheese. Cheddar, meanwhile, goes well with almost any beer. On the farther end of the pairing, the infamous IPA can go well with blue cheese’s equally strong umami taste.

To make our lives and Father’s Day easier, Real California Milk (California Milk Advisory Board), lists down a go-to guide for the trending pairing trend:


Cheese Beer
Ackawi Wheat beer
Asadero Amber ale, helles
Asiago Brown ale, amber ale
Baby Swiss Octoberfest, ales
Bakers Cheese Wheat beer, fruit
Baladi Helles
Blue Porter, stouts, barley wines
Brie Steam beer
Camembert Saison-style ales, kolsch
Carmody Stout
Cheddar Pale ale
Cheddar (sharp) Stout, porter, black ale
Colby Red ale, brown ale
Colby Jack Pilsners, pale ale
Cotija Wheat beer
Cottage cheese Imperial stout, black lager
Cream cheese Wheat beer
Curd Amber ale, helles
Dry Jack Brown ale, amber ale
Edam Octoberfest, ales
Feta Wheat beer, fruit
Fontina Helles
Fresh mozzarella Wheat beer, pilsner
Fromage blanc Dunkelweizen
Gouda Imperial stout, black lager
Longhorn Crisp pilsners
Manchego Porter-light, brown ale
Mascarpone Porter, stout, fruit beers
Monterey Jack Medium pilsners
Mozzarella Pilsner
Muenster Belgian ales, crisp pilsners
Panela Wheat beer, pilsners
Parmigiana Wheat beer, pilsners
Port Sault Pale ale
Provolone Pilsner, pale ale
Quark Pilsner
Queso blanco Light pilsners
Requeson Belgian, fruit lambic
Ricotta Pale ale
Romano Amber ale
Scarmoza Wheat beer
Schloss Amber, Red ale
Smoked cheeses Rauch bier (smoked beers)
St. George Marzen, Octoberfest
Swiss Lagers, Marzen, Octoberfest
Teleme Wheat beer, Americal pilsner
White cheddar Pilsner, pale ale

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