Pinoy talent pushes breakthroughs in galvanized steel technology

Argie Aguja
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If metals can be ranked according to importance, steel ranks high as one of the most widely used in today’s modern world — building everything from homes to skyscrapers, roads, bridges, automobiles and buildings. The versatility, durability, and strength of steel make it a popular choice for many different applications, and it is also an affordable and environment-friendly option for builders.

In the Philippines, Puyat Steel Corp. has been one of the innovators, having pioneered galvanized steel in 1956 as the first galvanizing steel plant in the country. In 1990, the company acquired a color coating line and proceeded the production of color-coated GI sheets. An enduring symbol of the local steel and manufacturing industry, Puyat Steel has been manufacturing superior quality galvanized iron and pre-painted galvanized iron sheets and coils in an ISO-certified plant.

The Philippine STAR recently visited Puyat Steel’s cutting-edge production facility and manufacturing plant in the town of Rosario, Batangas to take a look at how Filipino talent and world-class technology combine to produce the most sought-after raw building materials. It produces the company’s flagship and best-selling product, Apo Galfan.

Apo Galfan: a trusted name

Launched in 2001, Apo Galfan is a galvanized steel product that has gone through a chemical process to keep it from corroding. Rolled steel sheets get coated in layers of zinc oxide that act as a protective metal coating so it does not rust or corrode as easily. The coating also gives the steel a more durable, polished and attractive finish. For countless outdoor, marine or industrial applications, galvanized steel is an essential fabrication component.

“Here in the Philippines, only Puyat Steel is licensed to manufacture and use the technology behind the Galfan coating (Apo Galfan). Our No. 1 focus here is to improve the quality of the product and the sustainability of the process. We also develop our own auxiliary materials, like our chemical cleaning materials — we do that in house now. Puyat Steel is already 61 years in this industry, and we are still going strong,” shares VP for manufacturing engineer Virginia Arceo.

Philippine-made, world-class quality

Today, the Puyat Steel employs around 300 personnel to man the 24/7 operations of the Rosario plant where everything is fully automated. Designed by galvanizing giant Cockerill Sambre of Belgium and equipment and machinery from Europe, Puyat Steel’s 15,000-square-meter manufacturing plant is located inside a 30-hectare property.

Technical quality manager engineer Ronald Santarin explained how a talented and dedicated Filipino workforce labored towards the development of an already superior product born from world-class technology. “Although we brought the technology from Europe, the improvement was done by the people here in Batangas. Our ISO certification (ISO 9002 Certified and ISO 14001:2004 Environment Management Certificate) is proof of our evolution as a manufacturing plant,” he explains.

The preferred brand of builders

Meanwhile, Puyat Steel industrial products division sales manager engineer Alejandro Dumaliang, Jr. revealed why their Apo Galfan product — noted for superior tensile strength and thicker base metal — is the favorite brand of homebuilders, industrial users and other major players in the construction industry in terms of supply reliability, price competitiveness and service delivery. “Compared to the competition, our Apo Galfan products are around 20- to 30-percent better in quality, but only about 10-percent higher in cost. The difference in quality alone is enough of a reason for our clients to consider us superior in value for money,” he concludes.

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