Inspiring Japanese design excellence in the Philippines

Led by Federal Land Chairman Alfred Ty and NRE Chair Eiji Kutsukake, the new company – Federal Land NRE Global Inc. – sees a combined century of impressive local and international real estate experience, outstanding business performance, and comprehensive expertise in all aspects of property development and management. Through Federal Land NRE Global Inc., Federal Land and Nomura Real Estate Development are bringing their respective stellar capabilities intended to elevate the way urban developments are undertaken.

Federal Land NRE Global Inc. aims to integrate the best of Japanese innovation, technology, and design with Federal Land’s extensive knowledge of the Philippine market and solid reputation for well-built and innovative properties located in key cities in Metro Manila, South Luzon, and Cebu. Federal Land Inc. Chairman Alfred Ty says, “This is a perfect marriage of vision and values. We share a common long-term outlook, anchored on creating world-class developments that enrich the way people live. It’s a true synergy wherein we raise each other’s performance, whether in architecture, technology, construction, management, or most importantly, to the quality of service rendered to our customers.”

Property Report Explores: NRE excellence in Japan

Recently, Property Report Philippines had the unique opportunity to join FNG in Japan, exploring NRE various developments that will serve as inspirations for local projects. This firsthand experience provided invaluable insights into the meticulous planning and innovative design strategies employed in Japan, which are set to transform the real estate landscape in the Philippines.

Intentional design 

In the bustling heart of Tokyo, innovative design, sustainability, and mindful living stand as hallmarks of urban excellence. Developments like Shibaura, Proud, and Kameido Clock are prime examples of these principles, deeply embedded in Japanese real estate projects and now finding a new home in the Philippines. Tokyo’s urban planning ethos revolves around creating spaces that foster a harmonious balance between people and their environment. This approach is evident in the careful planning of green spaces, pedestrian-friendly pathways, and the integration of natural elements into urban architecture. The result is a community that not only thrives on modern conveniences but also prioritizes the well-being of its residents and the planet.

The Shibaura Project

The Shibaura project, led by Nomura Real Estate Development, aims to transform Tokyo’s waterfront into a new urban center featuring residential, commercial, and office spaces, alongside public parks and amenities. The project’s centerpiece includes two 230-meter-tall towers, one of which will house a luxury Fairmont hotel with stunning views of Tokyo Bay and Tokyo Tower. Building S (Phase I) is set for completion in February 2025, while Building N (Phase II) will start in 2027 and finish by March 2031.

The development will also introduce a new transportation hub connecting the area with trains, buses, and water taxis. Additionally, the “TOKYO WORKation” concept will provide flexible workspaces that blend traditional office settings with remote work advantages, promoting a sustainable work-life balance and economic growth in the Shibaura area.

Proud Gallery, Proud Condominiums, and Proud Season Inagi Minamiyama: Exemplifying quality and innovation

Nomura Real Estate Development’s PROUD brand epitomizes excellence in condominium living. These homes are designed to instill pride in residents, builders, and the community through high-quality construction, integrated planning, and superior management. The goal is to provide lifelong satisfaction, ensuring residents enjoy some of their greatest moments at home.

PROUD SEASON Inagi Minamiyama model home

At the Proud Gallery in Shinjuku, visitors can preview a Proud condominium unit, showcasing thoughtful design elements such as an automated door leading to a genkan (traditional Japanese entryway), a master bedroom with ample space, and a living room adjacent to a fully-equipped kitchen. A standout feature is the flexibility in the condo’s design, allowing owners to reconfigure rooms and plumbing easily, thanks to ample space beneath the flooring for pipes.

PROUD Condominium model unit

The PROUD SEASON Inagi Minamiyama development represents Nomura Real Estate’s commitment to creating homes that are enduring assets to people, towns, and time. Located near Tokyo, this suburb-like community features two-storey detached houses with flexible layouts and innovative storage solutions. Homes come with provisions for electric vehicle charging and solar panels, reflecting a commitment to sustainability.

Designed for growing families, each home includes a practical entryway with adjacent storage for shoes and coats, helping keep living spaces clean. Interiors are adaptable, allowing families to adjust storage as children grow and their needs change. The development also features a multifunctional clubhouse with a park, playground, library, café, and spaces for meetings and events, fostering a strong community spirit.

Kaizen Philosophy in Proud Developments

Proud developments embody the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen, or continuous improvement, by integrating flexible layouts and efficient storage systems designed with user flow in mind. This approach ensures that homes can adapt to the evolving needs of residents, enhancing both functionality and quality of life.

Federal Land NRE Global (FNG) is bringing this visionary approach to the Philippines, aiming to replicate the success of Japanese-inspired developments. By incorporating sustainable design, flexible living spaces, and community-focused amenities, FNG is poised to elevate urban living standards and create vibrant, innovative communities.

In the dynamic landscape of Philippine real estate, FNG emerges as a pioneering force dedicated to innovation, sustainability, and client-centricity. The partnership between Federal Land, Inc. and Nomura Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. is more than a collaboration; it promises a transformative lifestyle defined by quality and excellence, setting new benchmarks in the industry.