New horizons in Philippine real estate: The formation of ERA Philippines

In a landmark deal that promises to reshape the Philippine real estate landscape, APAC Realty, a leading real estate services provider based in Singapore and operating under the ERA brand, has partnered with the Philippine firm Upper Room Realty. This partnership ushers in the creation of ERA Philippines, a move that broadens the scope of property services across the region through a comprehensive network of investment, brokerage, and essential services like valuations.

The formal launch of ERA Philippines was marked by an agreement signing ceremony on May 4 at the Manila House in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. This partnership not only introduces the Philippines as the 13th country in APAC Realty’s Asia Pacific portfolio but also positions it as the 40th globally. Under the terms of the agreement, Upper Room Realty is set to manage ERA member broker offices throughout Metro Manila for an initial duration of 15 years. 

Bobby Kok, the Chief agency officer of ERA Philippines, highlighted the franchise’s initial focus on residential developments, including condominiums, apartments, townhouses, and houses and lots. Kok expressed his enthusiasm about the Philippines’ potential in the property market, “Over time, we have witnessed the vast potential of the Philippines, and we are determined to see it soar to new heights of success. We envision the Philippines not only as a thriving market but also as a global trading post, connecting diverse economies and cultures. We are fully committed to leveraging this opportunity to create a dynamic global marketplace.”

(From left) Johann Garcia, CEO of ERA Philippines; Wealth Gillego, Chairman of ERA Philippines; Marcus Chu, CEO of APAC Realty and ERA Asia Pacific; and Poh Chee Yong, CFO of ERA Asia Pacific.

Johann Garcia, CEO of ERA Philippines, spoke about the partnership’s impact, “Our partnership will open doors for investment opportunities and foster collaboration between Philippine real estate professionals and our international counterparts and investors. Today, we are excited to cater to the demands of the industry, extend a helping hand, lend our expertise, and provide an avenue where safe and promising transactions will flow.”

Garcia also highlighted the robust economic position of the Philippines: “The Philippines is poised for growth, our country ended 2023 and started 2024 on a high note, being the fastest-growing economy across Southeast Asia with a growth rate of 5.6%. Additionally, we have 2.33 million overseas workers who have sent home a total of US$33.5 million in remittances, with many opting to invest back in the Philippines through properties. These signs make us bullish for a bright future in the Philippines, which we can all be a part of. Our company is proud to be part of a global brand that means to be trusted by generations.”

ERA Philippines also aims to empower property professionals and brokers by providing them with access to relevant training, research, data, and insights on market trends. Additionally, the organization offers favorable commission terms and a dual career roadmap in both sales and leadership.

Marcus Chu, CEO of APAC Realty and ERA Asia Pacific, shared insights into the valuable programs and platforms available for agents, “We provide skill and mindset sharpening for our workers, and also our agents with our ultimate agent training. [We also provide] warrior boot camps to help our agents and team leaders achieve breakthroughs.” Chu elaborated on the technological support provided to partners, “These tools include guided creation such as SEO-ready content, listings crafting, language translations, Google ads, search, and creative and also AI legal advisor, which simplifies everything for all agents to do their business more professionally, saving time and resources, and of course, increasing our revenue. So we will continue to invest in tech innovations to benefit ERA Asia Pacific, including Manila.”

This pioneering partnership between APAC Realty and Upper Room Realty is not just a testament to the burgeoning strength of the market; it is a strategic alignment that promises to integrate the Philippines more deeply into the global property market. With robust economic indicators and a commitment to technological advancement, the company stands ready to lead the charge in this new era of Philippine real estate.

ERA Philippines’ main office is located at Century Spire Tower within the world-class mixed-use community in Century City, Makati where convenient co-working facilities and meeting rooms are available.