Shaping the future: Manny Villar’s vision to build Villar City

Visionary tycoon Manny Villar is gearing to unveil this year groundbreaking initiatives aimed at sustaining the robust pace of development within the 3,500-hectare Villar City.

Exciting plans are now being finalized for new developments that promise to elevate Villar City—a massive integrated development that spans 15 cities and towns across Metro Manila and Cavite—into a dynamic, vibrant, and world-class destination.

Plans on the pipeline

On the pipeline now are two golf courses, a state-of-the-art arena or events place, four to five more cafes, and a new phase of residential development within the 119-hectare Forresta—promising, significant additions seen to reshape and redefine the urban landscape of the region.

These up-and-coming projects also dovetail with Villar’s ambitious vision of transforming Villar City into Metro Manila’s new center of gravity, a thriving nexus where economic, lifestyle, cultural, and leisure activities will converge. This grand aspiration envisions Villar City as more than just a residential or commercial development but as a multifaceted destination that caters to the diverse needs and preferences of future residents and guests.

Premier destination

For instance, the introduction of two world-class golf courses will not only enhance the city’s recreational offerings but will also position it as a premier destination for leisure and sports enthusiasts from across the globe. Meanwhile, the development of a state-of-the-art arena or events place signifies Villar City’s emergence as a cultural and entertainment hub, capable of hosting world-class events that will attract visitors and boost economic activity.

Meanwhile, the expansion of Villar City’s coffee scene, with the addition of at least four to five new cafes within this year alone, underscores its commitment to providing diverse and vibrant dining experiences. These establishments cater to the gastronomic preferences of residents while serving as gathering spaces where communities can connect and thrive.

For those wanting to find their own spaces here, the new phase of residential development within Forresta presents an opportunity for individuals and families to embrace modern living in a sustainable and thriving environment.  Touted as a “city in the forest”, Forresta will feature premium grade, high-rise office towers in what will soon be a dynamic central business district (CBD), upscale residential condominiums, ultra-exclusive residential lots, and leisure hubs—set amid a million lush trees and landscaped pocket gardens.

All these exciting new developments indeed represent a significant step forward in realizing Villar’s vision of a dynamic, sustainable, and inclusive urban center that offers opportunities for growth, innovation, and quality of life.

Promising start

At the same time, these serve as a promising start, a strategic investment in the future of Villar City. As this multifaceted development continues to take shape, Villar City is undoubtedly poised to become a model for sustainable and inclusive urban development, setting new standards for livability, innovation, and quality of life, while fostering economic growth and solidifying its status as a dynamic urban center.