EU mattress brand Dunlopillo opens showroom in Mandaluyong

In a world filled with endless hustle and bustling routines, a good night’s sleep is the best doctor.

European mattress brand Dunlopillo has opened its Dunlopillo Suites, offering customers a wide range of sleep solutions through its mattresses, pillows, and other items that would ensure a comfortable sleep experience.

Dunlopillo Showroom is located at the 4th Level Main Wing of the Shangri-la Plaza in Mandaluyong City.

“We are excited and pleased to open Dunlopillo Suites and introduce more of our products to Filipinos,” Dunlopillo Holdings president Borja Solans said during the launch event last month.

Dunlopillo Holdings president Borja Solans, Dunlopillo Philippines managing director Jam Chan Cua, Pinky Tobiano of Bureau Veritas Asure Quality (BVAQ) Philippines, social media influencers Mikaela Martinez and Kelly Misa

“We look forward to becoming an integral part of Filipino homes, helping individuals and families experience the unparalleled comfort that Dunlopillo is known for,” he added.

According to Dunlopillo, the showroom has a team of sleep experts who can provide advice and guidance on how to choose the right products according to one’s needs and preferences.

In contrast to mattresses crafted from synthetic components, Dunlopillo mattresses are meticulously produced using 100 percent natural latex foam which are free from harmful substances and naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, making them ideal for people with allergies or respiratory issues.

Dunlopillo Holdings president Borja Solans

With this clever solution woven into their mattresses, Dunlopillo also boasts its natural latex foam that provides “superior resilience and air ventilation, providing a refreshing night’s sleep even during the sweltering summer months, and therefore eliminates instances of partner disturbance.” 

Dunlopillo noted that its mattresses also preserve the alignment of the spine and neck, effectively mitigating back pain and other sleep-related discomforts. The mattresses also provide a long-lasting support because of its durability.

Dunlopillo products and mattresses have been available in the country for many years now. Ital Design Furniture Depot, a leading furniture retailer, has been the authorized distributor of Dunlopillo in the Philippines since 2003.

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Visit the Dunlopillo Showroom at the 4th Level Main Wing of the Shangri-la Plaza and follow  for more recent updates.