A world of opportunities for the retail industry 

There are various opportunities for growth, innovation, and collaboration in the retail industry. It is important to explore partnerships with retailers and organizations from different industry leaders of different countries. 

This year’s recent activity led me on a journey to the breathtaking island nation of Sri Lanka, where I had the distinct privilege of attending the Federation of Asia-Pacific Retailers Associations (FAPRA) Heads of Delegation Meeting hosted by the Sri Lanka Retailers Association. This gathering of retail leaders from across the Asia-Pacific region serves as a platform for sharing best practices, discussing emerging trends, and finding collaborative solutions to common challenges. 

“The HOD meeting is poised to set the stage for future prestigious events in Sri Lanka, offering abundant networking opportunities for local retailers and the FAPRA member community,” stated FAPRA Deputy Chair and SLRA immediate past President Murali Prakash. 

As PRA Chairman, Wilcon Depot’s Rosemarie Bosch-Ong embarked on a remarkable journey to Sri Lanka, representing PRA at the FAPRA meeting in Colombo.

The FAPRA meeting was held in the heart of Colombo, the bustling capital city of Sri Lanka, and one of the primary concepts discussed at the FAPRA HOD conference is the decision of the host country for the Asia Pacific Retailers Association Conference and Exhibition 2024 (APRCE 2024). 

During the conference, we discussed the benefits of hosting APRCE 2024 in different countries, including the potential for economic growth and the opportunity to showcase our country’s retail industry to international delegates. 

During my visit with the PRA’s representatives, one thing that was left unnoticed was the way we are accommodated by representatives of Sri Lanka Retailers Association (SLRA), I really felt welcomed and appreciated at every moment of my stay. Indeed, Nelson Mandela was right when he said, “The real wealth of a nation is its people.” 

It was truly an enriching experience to engage with fellow retail professionals from different countries and learn from their unique perspectives. As I mentioned during my greetings at the event, their unwavering commitment to excellence, hospitality, and role in shaping the dynamic Asia-Pacific retail sector’s future is truly commendable. 

I also took this chance to explore the local retail landscape and understand the specific challenges and opportunities faced by my fellow FAPRA member countries. I wanted to learn and apprehend their market dynamics, consumer preferences, and the regulatory environment that they operate within. I know that being a leader, I have to keep myself updated and adaptable to different business environments. It is one of Wilcon Depot’s commitments to continuous learning and growth, ensuring that we stay ahead of industry trends and provide the best possible service to our customers. 

Wilcon Depot’s company strategy is based on a commitment to providing excellent products and exceptional customer service. Our mission, to be the preferred home improvement and construction supply partner for every Filipino, is a driving force behind our efforts to elevate the bar on a regular basis. To accomplish this, we must not only maintain a close eye on the local market but also actively participate in the international retail community in order to stay current on global trends and best practices. 

As I boarded the plane to return to the Philippines, I couldn’t help but think about the significant relationships I’d established along the way. The retail industry is changing at a rapid pace, and by working together, we can navigate these changes while still providing exceptional services and products to our customers. Also, I am filled with a renewed sense of purpose and drive to execute new strategies and initiatives that will benefit not only Wilcon Depot but the entire Philippine retail business. 

I am excited to share the knowledge and insights gained from my experience in Sri Lanka with my team, as well as with the wider retail community in the Philippines.