Primehomes Capitol Hills breaks ground on Liana Tower

Amidst the bustling metropolis, the cacophony of the city, and the throngs of people filling the streets of Quezon City, lies Primehomes Capitol Hills, an urban botanical community.

If you’re seeking a true haven within Quezon City, look no further. Primehomes Capitol Hills is crafting a community that not only enriches its residents’ lives but also contributes positively to the city itself.

Primehomes, famed for its towers adorned with exquisite interiors and top-notch security systems, has unveiled another addition to this community.

On August 10, 2023, Primehomes marked the groundbreaking ceremony for Liana Tower, ushering in an era of architectural innovation and urban sophistication.

Liana Tower is the sixth installment among the 11 towers gracing Primehomes Capitol Hills.

Suitably named Liana, meaning “to twine around” or “forest vine,” the newest luxurious residential tower is perched at the highest point of Primehomes Capitol Hills. It resembles a forest vine that embraces and blooms in high places. Unlike other residential towers in the neighborhood, Liana stands private and secluded with no adjacent towers, yet maintains the same well-rounded security as the rest of them. Liana is designed to mix lush greens with contemporary amenities and features to reflect an environment where the city meets nature.

Lemuel Dionisio, president of Primehomes, remarked, “Today signifies not only the commencement of Liana’s construction but also stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication to growth and advancement.”

Liana Tower stands as a unique creation, perched upon the highest peak of Primehomes Capitol Hills. Offering exclusivity and seclusion, it remains unaccompanied by neighboring towers while upholding the same high standards of security enjoyed by its counterparts.

For those seeking respite from the demands of modern life, a breathtaking view of Parque Verde, an expansive linear park, awaits.

Liana Tower provides direct access to Parque Verde, not only offering a picturesque panorama but also a range of recreational opportunities, including interconnected swimming pools and tropical cabanas. It’s a haven for jogging, walking, or biking enthusiasts.

The upcoming tower is accessible through the Zuzuaregui Gate, providing ease of entry and exit to the neighborhood. It is also in close proximity to the Capitol Hills commercial development underway.

Central to Liana Tower’s philosophy is the “70-30” approach, as defined by PrimeHomes. Seventy percent of the focus is dedicated to enabling residents to experience nature in its purest form.

The remaining thirty percent centers on providing residents with a beautifully furnished, comfortable home. This harmonious blend of nature and living space goes beyond mere aesthetics—it fosters a tangible sense of tranquility and equilibrium amid our bustling lives.

The enticing appearance of a home that embraces nature is more than just a trend in an age where cityscapes reign; it’s an innovative necessity. Living in a home that complements nature develops a tangible sense of serenity and balance in our busy lives, beyond just aesthetics. Imagine relaxing in the midst of a garden’s lush tapestry after a long day of work or waking up to the calming symphony of a birdsong; such locations not only give peace but also serve as a reminder to halt and enjoy life’s simple yet profound joys. In a world where spending time in nature is a luxury, a home that is surrounded by nature is really more than just a place to live in.

Liana has a total of 144 units; consisting of 48 studio premier units, 72 one-bedroom units, and 24 two-bedroom units. The tower does not only focus on embracing the outdoor nature, but also welcomes innovative interior design concepts. It has high-ceiling loft-type units that allow better lighting and an open floor space that make it easier for the residents to decorate and furnish their new homes.

Liana is the latest addition to the Laselva phase, and it is currently 40 percent sold. It has convenient access to top universities, commercial buildings, and business districts. It is also fully equipped with luxurious amenities, a multi-purpose clubhouse, and a commercial development, while its community boasts of greenery and open spaces that support active and sustainable lifestyles.

It is set for completion  by April 30, 2025 and will be ready for occupancy a year later.

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