#Adulting: 5 must-do preparations before buying a condo

Most young urban professionals or “yuppies” often contemplate on big life choices. One of which is whether we’re “adult enough” at this stage of our lives to own a property.

Recently, millennials have been observed to search for condominiums online, which has been attributed to the fact they want to live near where they work. However, moving into a new home is a big step that requires thoroughly getting ready in terms of logistics, finances, and emotions.

For real estate expert Karen Cesario, who is the chief integration officer of the RLC Residences, moving out, especially for young Filipinos, is not an easy undertaking as “it takes a lot of guts and planning.”

That is why, Cesario emphasized that the decision to do so needs to be a smart move. “Finding your first home can be daunting. There should be no risk of regrets.”

“This is why we have been extremely thoughtful in designing Sierra Valley Gardens such that it caters to modern needs and aspirations— from installing upgraded smart home facilities, a work-from-home (WFH) nook in our units, to providing abundant green spaces and a multitude of amenities for young professionals to enjoy,” Cesario said.

To help millennials kickstart their homebuying journey, RLC Residences shares some adulting tips on how they can mentally, emotionally, and financially prepare in getting their own place.

1.  Scheduling the move-out date

Everyone can agree that moving out is not easy and it can take a long time to ensure that the new place is clean and ready for occupancy, packing belongings, buying new furniture and appliances, and securing permits and documents.

Property seekers will still have a lot of time to plan their moving out process as the target turnover of the newly launched fourth building of Sierra Valley Gardens in Cainta is still in 2028. But for the meantime, buyers can have time to learn more adulting stuff like cooking, doing laundry, and budgeting before making the big move.

2.  Emotionally preparing your family

Filipino families are traditionally very tight-knit. There is a need to emotionally prepare yourself, your parents, and siblings when deciding to leave the family home. So, you better do allot ample time to share and explain your big move to your family.

For future residents of Sierra Valley Gardens, family time can mean taking a dip at the lap pool, playing basketball at the multi-purpose court or game room, or simply catching up at the property’s cozy lounge area in the three-level Clubhouse.

3.  Building a budget

In solo living, budgeting is also a big part of the decision-making process. Homeowners should be earning more than spending so they can stay on top of daily and monthly expenses as well as survive the adulting life.

In terms of monthly amortizations, Sierra Valley Gardens has flexible payment schemes so millennials can pay with ease. For the new fourth building, RLC Residences is also offering a five percent launch discount so future homeowners can buy their dream home.

4,  Establishing eating habits

A benefit of living with the family is that eating is easier. It’s either they are served meals or ingredients are readily available. Moving out means crafting your own menu, learning recipes, and visiting the grocery to buy ingredients and other essentials.

Worry no more as Sierra Valley Gardens has easy access to the upcoming mall and to now open retail stores and restaurants within the estate. Also, future residents will find living here comfortable given its direct access to Ortigas Ave. Extension should they need to go outside the estate.

5.  Keeping an administration and maintenance directory

The most important aspect of home hunting is having a directory of service providers like hospitals and police and fire stations in case of emergencies. Condominium dwellers are also advised to have a directory of administration and maintenance offices.

Lucky for the future residents of Sierra Valley Gardens, an audio/video intercom is provided to help residents reach reception in case of emergencies. This is one of the many smart home features the property offers to its future homeowners.

For millennials thinking of making their smart move in the East with Sierra Valley Gardens, they may connect with a Property Specialist or visit rlcresidences.com to know more.