Tivoli Royale is Bayani Agbayani’s Dream Place

Good property locations are hard to find in highly-urbanized Metro Manila, where homeowners have to contend with congestion and a dense population. However, there is a property development in Quezon City that offers a more relaxed way of life. Think seclusion, security, and convenience with a proven prestigious location.

Tivoli Royale Subdivision by New Creation 101 Realty and Development Corp. offers an exclusive enclave that has attracted residents who want to experience modern living while still being in touch with the wonders of nature but still close to places that matter.

Happy at home

One of the long-time residents of Tivoli Royale is comedian-actor Bayani Agbayani, who calls Tivoli Royale his “Dream Place.”

“When I first saw the property around 16 years ago, it was still underdeveloped, but I saw the potential. The panoramic view of the mountains of Antipolo and the lights in the city below immediately attracted me. I did not hesitate to invest in life here for my family,” he says.

Tivoli Royale Home Owner Bayani Agbayani

Bayani is very happy with his choice, not only because of the view and the wide-open spaces that are rare for living in the Metro but also with the subdivision’s security and sense of community. “The subdivision is compact, so you get to know your neighbors. There is a feeling of belonging in a community. I also like that there are two security gates before you enter the subdivision, so you know that your family is safe.”

One of the other aspects that Bayani enjoys is the five-story Tivoli Royale Country Club which offers exciting amenities such as a swimming pool, bowling and billiards lanes, fitness club, dining options, and venues for socialization such as the 400-seater badminton/pickleball courts convertible to an events venue.

Tivoli Royale Country Club Family Pool

“I told my wife there was no need to set up our own pool because the clubhouse already has a swimming pool, along with all the other activities that are available. This is really my dream place, and I feel at home at Tivoli Royale.”

Moreover, the combination of breathtaking beauty and functional luxury makes Tivoli Royale Subdivision the ideal retirement home for Bayani.

“This is where I want to grow old, especially since this subdivision has got everything we enjoy and need to support the lifestyle we’ve worked hard for, which includes raising our grandkids.”

Premiere projects

Tivoli Royale Subdivision comprises 22 hectares divided into low-density blocks of 300 to 800 square meter lots. There are now more than 100 established homes in the development, occupied by families who value a peaceful and quiet neighbourhood above all.

The property has well-lighted streets, RFID-activated gates, and 24-hour security patrols to complete the world-class residential experience. Tivoli Royale’s entire property is flood-free, with no fault line connection for each homeowner’s added peace of mind. There are a few choice lots that have opened up in the subdivision for more prospective homeowners to experience the luxury of Tivoli Royale living.

Tivoli Royale Subdivision is located at Batasan Hills, QC

While the sweeping views are the hallmark qualities of this luxurious hilly property, Tivoli Royale Subdivision is only built with the finest craftsmanship and innovation.

New Creation 101 Realty and Development Corp.’s very exclusive, four floors low-rise condominium laid out in a one-unit-per-floor 250-sqm configuration is in the works for those who dream of being in a tastefully designed community of Tivoli Royale.

With a target completion in the third quarter of 2023, the development is a symphony of modern aesthetic design and the highest quality of attention to detail.

The five-story building which is custom-designed to host only one family home per floor is adjacent to the country club for easy access to its amenities. Each unit has two balconies to catch the majestic views of Antipolo and the Sierra Mountain range.

Enjoy easy living in the accessibility of Quezon City at Tivoli Royale Subdivision and Tivoli Royale Properties. 

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For more information about Tivoli Royale properties and their country club, visit www.tivoliroyalecountryclub.com and follow Tivoli Royale Properties on Facebook and Instagram.  Inquire now at 09178891686.