Crown Asia sets benchmark for smart homes in PH

Smart homes have taken centerstage over the last two years.

Amid health and safety concerns and the unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic, there has been a surge in interest in smart features and touch-less technology in residences. Many have sought to either retrofit their spaces or scout for new, tech-enabled homes, as these can ensure safety and boost efficiency.

In the Philippines, Crown Asia is leading the game.

Enhancing the portfolio

The premium residential arm of the largest homebuilder in the Philippines, Vista Land & Lifescapes Inc., continues to enhance its already impressive portfolio of ready-for-occupancy (RFO) houses and condominiums to suit the post-pandemic needs of the market with the introduction of the Crown Asia Smart Home Series.

The addition of smart features proves to be a perfect fit for Crown Asia, which has long been known for creating beautiful, upscale communities that have set high benchmarks in modern urban living. Besides offering access to the beauty of the world’s famed destinations, best-in-class amenities, well-designed living spaces, and lush pocket parks in gated communities, the Smart Home Series will let you thrive easily in the post-pandemic era.

The Smart Home Series is offered in its themed residential communities including Vita Toscana, Ponticelli, and Citta Italia, as well as in its vertical village, Pinevale Tagaytay—all of which are located in key, progressive areas in Cavite.

Exciting high-tech features

There’s so much to expect from Crown Asia’s Smart Homes.

Smart Curtain – get to systematically control your curtains wherever you are

Crown Asia’s horizontal communities tout seven exciting new features—including smart locks, sockets, switch, IR repeater, CCTV, speaker, and curtain—that will readily ensure your comfort, convenience and safety. The vertical neighborhoods meanwhile, have three new additions—smart locks, sockets, and IR repeater—which you’d very well want in your home.

Smart CCTV- motion sensing CCTV that allows you to listen and speak to people in the room

Smart locks will offer you six different convenient ways to manage your home security—a tap card, WiFi app access, fingerprint, mechanical key, TT phone app access, or through a passcode.

Your waterproof, smart socket meanwhile comes with an on-and-off function, high-temperature reminder, overcurrent protection, and a display to show your power stats real-time. Choose to control your plugged appliances via a phone app, Siri, Alexa, or Google Home.

Smart Switch- energy efficient switch that you can control via the app

The smart switch—which you can access and control remotely via phone app, Siri, Alexa, and Google Home—has energy efficient-timer setting features and provides power consumption statistics. It comes with a configurable three-gang switch, curtain switch, and scene switch.

Meet Echo – Voice control your home with Alexa or Siri

Mimic traditional remote functions on your smartphone via the smart IR repeater for a seamless connection for your audio and video entertainment, while the smart speaker operates on voice command, and smart curtains.The smart CCTV comes with a built-in motion-sensor and night vision feature.

Lastly, a flexible, adjustable and accessible smart curtain will allow you to customize the timer and settings and control it via a phone app, Siri, Alexa, or Google Home.

No doubt, Crown Asia remains unrivaled as it continues to innovate and create premium, world-class destinations that are well-attuned to the changing needs of its discerning market.

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