Camella welcomes Idol Philippines Season 2 winner to its community

Idol Philippines Season 2 Grand Winner Khimo Gumatay visited his future house location in Camella, the country’s leading homebuilder and household name for comfortable living.

The Makati-hailed singer bagged the Idol Philippines Season 2 Grand Winner title, besting the top 12 and other contenders throughout the season. His final songs of “Bagong Simula” and “My Time” won over the public and the judges’ favor. These praised performances earned the 22-year-old a Camella homeowner title, among his other winnings as top contender.

Along with the start of his promising career is the beginning of his Camella life. After choosing his preferred location among the Camella communities nationwide, Gumatay visited his future house location, a highly-encouraged initial step for Camella house and lot winner-homeowners. Through the already-built properties and model houses, Gumatay was able to envision his future home and life in Camella.

Getting a feel of the area also allowed him to see the opportunities and progress close to his community of choice and the area’s accessibility to his desired points in the country. The visit was a chance to get a glimpse of the neighborhood’s environment and the comforts afforded by nearby places of convenience.

A Winner’s Home in Camella

New Camella homeowner Khimo Gumatay is set to own a two-storey home worth P2.5M, featured with enough rooms for agile movements day to day.

This house and lot prize awarded to Gumatay for his successful Idol Philippines journey goes beyond the property value. From Camella’s decades of leadership in the real estate industry, there is more to a Camella home than the ownership of each house. Properties come with the upside of being in a safe, family-centric neighborhood.

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Strategically planned blocks do not just make up each Camella subdivision. Along with the array of beautifully-crafted homes are exclusive amenities that amplify the living experience within. Open spaces, pockets of nature, workout spaces, and more, allow each resident to lead a holistic life.

Just outside the community are sought-after establishments, which elevate convenience for every homeowner because of their proximity. Strategic locations guarantee that the Camella life also entails living near district centers — where malls, markets, hospitals, churches, and other recreational facilities are short distances away. Accessibility is also a key feature in Camella communities being in prime locations, as infrastructure and road developments naturally follow when opportunities and businesses thrive in an area.

The Winning Outlook

What lies ahead for the newest Idol Philippines winner is the lifetime advantage of reaping the valuable returns of owning a property. The versatility that comes with a real estate asset—from primary or secondary home to leasing opportunities—seals security and stability in the long run, making this not just a prize but also a well-deserved milestone for Gumatay.

With over 500,000 homes built in 149 key cities and municipalities nationwide, Camella brings forth this lifelong security to aspiring homeowners, a tangible asset with heaping returns that everyone deserve.