AboitizLand unveils model village in Pampanga

AboitizLand, the property arm of the Aboitiz Group, launched last month its Ajoya Pampanga Model Village.

The company welcomed more homeowners into this up-and-coming community in Central Luzon. 

With the model village, future residents can now see, touch, and feel how Ajoya Pampanga delivers a better living experience through its well-thought-out masterplan and home designs of the newly completed model houses that fit every homeowner’s lifestyle. 

AboitizLand officially launched the model village of Ajoya Pampanga. Vice President of Planning and Operations Miguel Mendoza, Head of Marketing and Branding Mags Tibayan, and Luzon Area Sales Head Micko Garcia were all present for the unveiling of AboitizLand’s model houses. The two, three and four-bedroom houses that are newly interiored are now open for viewing.

“With more companies embracing the work-from-home and hybrid set-up, and the rise in  preference for bigger living and open spaces, now is the best time to experience what AjoyaPampanga has to offer through our newly opened model village,” said Migs Mendoza, AboitizLand vice president for Planning and Operations.

Contemporary Filipino design

Ajoya Pampanga’s 17-hectare expanse nestled in Mexico,Pampanga gives residents the opportunity to live within Filipino-inspired homes.

Its model village features two, three and four-bedroom houses with floor areas ranging from 59 square meters to 91 sqm., providing plenty of space for families of different sizes and needs. Its interiors are influenced by natural fibers endemic to the country and textures like solihiya, raffia, linen, and canvas.

Dubbed as Casa Nueva, this design concept for Ajoya Pampanga combines elements from the local community, creating a sense of heritage but with contemporary design. 

Homeowners can enjoy a rustic rural ambiance with a modern aesthetic.

The two-bedroom model unit focuses on bright, vibrant designs that exude youthful vigor; a perfect home for start-up families celebrating early family life and enjoying a clutter-free home for their little ones.

Homeowners will fall in love with the relaxed and calm design of the three -bedroom units. The warm earth tones invite residents to slow down and take in the moment.

As your family grows, space becomes non-negotiable. Given the new opportunity to work and study from home, the four-bedroom model offers aesthetic, functional, and practical design. 

This three-bedroom model house takes its inspiration from the outdoors and makes the most of natural sunlight and ventilation to create a light and airy interior.

This outdoor-inspired home maximizes natural lighting and ventilation that creates an airy and spacious feel.

The five-bedroom bare model unit allows homeowners to design and fit this spacious abode.

All these home designs use locally-sourced materials, making it easy to build and maintain.

Proximity to modern convenience

Ajoya Pampanga is just 1.5 hours away from Metro Manila, a short drive after Mexico NLEX exit.  Pampanga is one of Luzon’s hottest real estate properties because it is close to Metro Manila and many future developments. 

With the new Clark International Airport and the upcoming Bulacan International Airport, Pampanga is poised to be an economic and tourism hub. 

There’s also the upcoming Northwin Global City that will house the Manila-Clark Railway station; and a modern city consisting of mixed-use commercial buildings, commercial districts,  hotels, malls,  office towers and educational institutions, parks, and open spaces. 

Another exciting growth center is MontclairEstate, a 216-hectare mixed-use development with a logistics hub, commercial complex, office buildings, hotel and leisure, and entertainment facilities. 

Realize your dream home

With efficient road networks and rising developments, you don’t have to endure the crowded roads of Metro Manila nor its small living spaces just to live near your workplace and your kids’ school.

At Ajoya Pampanga, you can work, play with your kids and realize your dream home, AboitizLand said.