Retail Asia Awards names Wilcon Depot as ‘Domestic Retailer of the Year’

In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, only those companies that are resilient and excellent will be able to propel and stand out. With the current challenges and changes in the business landscape, a retailer must step up his/her game plan to make every breakthrough happen.

Since most companies are now thinking out-of-the-box and focusing on innovation and transformation, they embark on projects and initiatives with the sole purpose of improving their processes, upgrading their customer experience, bringing value to their customers, and offering their products in a more convenient and efficient way.

Wilcon Depot, a household name in the home improvement and construction retail for 45 years, has strived to attain its strong reputation and leadership in the market and has always been one step ahead in bringing something extra to its valued customers.

With its endless product choices and unparalleled services, Wilcon Depot is the preferred shopping destination of Filipino homeowners and builders nationwide. 

The company’s top line growth and success in business even during the pandemic was recognized in the 2022 Retail Asia Awards for Domestic Retailer of the Year category.

The Retail Asia Awards gathers the region’s best retail companies and honors their outstanding retail projects. It recognizes retailers that are able to navigate their way through industry challenges such as the ever-changing customer demand and e-commerce boom, while delivering value to consumers and maintaining healthy revenues.

The giant retailer took a tremendous leap by offering a personalized and customer-based in-store experience. It has maintained its leadership in the retail construction industry and captured the online shopper market with the current retail landscape.

Wilcon Depot continuously evolves on both bricks and clicks business models. The company understands and adapts amid the pandemic.

The company was able to deliver its top-notch products to all its valued customers nationwide as it introduced new, convenient, digital, and effective shopping options. Wilcon also introduced new features in its physical stores to continually adapt to the new lifestyle of homeowners.

It launched its Home Living Section, a showroom that gives a complete look for the shoppers’ next home project to spark their imagination and creativity in outlining concepts for their living, dining, bedroom, and home office or learning spaces.

Wilcon Depot also revamped its Outdoor Living Section so customers can personalize and upgrade their outdoor spaces for an al fresco lifestyle.

The home retail giant successfully ramped up its digital transformation and launched the Wilcon Online Store, its own online shopping site.

The company continuously opened stores across the country with its commitment of serving Filipino homeowners and builders with high-quality products and excellent customer experience. To date, the giant retailer now has 77 stores nationwide.

The unstoppable store openings are in line with the company’s #FlyingHighTo100 store expansion campaign, which is aimed at having 100 operating stores nationwide by 2025, barring any unexpected external factors.

Wilcon believes that its recognition from Retail Asia is a great testimony of its hard work and commitment to bringing an excellent and convenient shopping experience to its valued customers.

As a home-grown local company, Wilcon is proud to be a retailer with international standards. Serving in the retail construction industry for 45 years, Wilcon stays true to its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction in helping Filipinos to build, improve, and refine their homes for a more sustainable and comfortable life.

Wilcon Depot has so much in store for every homeowner and builder who wants to make stunning renovations for their homes or just starting up to build their dream homes.

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