Ovialand, Kyushu Yaesu construct new school buildings for Masin Elementary School

Ovialand Inc. has partnered with Kyushu Yaesu Inc., a real estate developer based in Fukuoka, Japan, to construct new school buildings for Masin Elementary School in Candelaria, Quezon. This initiative is part of Ovialand’s corporate social responsibility efforts in giving back to the communities.

The two companies are joint-venture partners for Ovialand’s projects in Laguna and Quezon.

The event marked the first time in Masin Elementary School’s 60-year history where its facilities were upgraded. To provide better facilities for students, Ovialand and Kyushu Yaesu worked together to demolish the old structures and build two new school buildings.

The two new school buildings have eight rooms with each room accommodating up to 40 pupils.

“We are thankful to Ovialand and Kyushu Yaesu for this initiative that will help students in pursuing their studies,” Melanie Bonquin, school principal of Masin Elementary School, said in a May 4 ceremony marking the construction of new school buildings.

“Ovialand and Kyushu Yaesu are proud to be part of this project. We’ve built facilities that are more conducive to learning. With the completion of the new building, we have given the students a better space to grow and learn,” Ovialand Inc. president Pammy Vital said.

“Aside from being a joint venture partner of Ovialand in its real estate projects, we are pleased to also partner with the company in giving back to the community,” Hisao Nakashima, president of Kyushu Yaesu Inc. and Akira Shiraishi, president of Ambitious Urban Development Philippines Inc., said in a statement.

“We are also happy to help in improving the quality of education for Masin Elementary School students,” they added.