Mentorship Thursdays

For the past two years, I have been very lucky to spend three hours a week with a business partner turned mentor. Prior to this, I would only read about the impact of a mentor in one’s career – but never really gave it much importance. After two years of guidance, my thoughts and views;  not just toward business, have shifted, and I will always be grateful to my mentor for this.

What I have learned in mentorship equips me not just in business but in life – which almost always converges together anyway.

Arsenal of arrows

One of my favorite lessons to date is the concept of “arsenal of arrows”, which is applicable in everything we do in life: from the moment we get out of bed  until one turns in for the night, the arsenal of arrows is always accessible to every person, no matter where you are or what situation you are in.

Picture yourself in the middle of EDSA traffic at 12:30 in the afternoon: you are driving your car and rushing to get to an important meeting that could give you an important break in your career. While waiting for the green light, a car lightly bumps you at the back. You get out of your car and see that there’s a very minor damage to your car: a small scratch barely seen. The driver behind you is apologetic. This is where you think about the arrows that you have on your back: are you going to pull out an angry arrow, blaming the person and asking to go to the police for a blotter? Or do you bring out your considerate arrow and proceed to go to your meeting as planned?

There are big and small choices that we make every day, whether they give immediate or long term consequences to our lives is what sets them apart. The imagery of an arsenal of arrows has taught me how to take a step back in every situation I’m in, so that I can assess and determine what is really the best arrow that I can use for a certain situation that will deliver my desired target.

Mastering the self

It may sound very elementary, but mastering your arsenal comes with mastering yourself. And when one is able to combine both with a deep understanding, the opportunities for one’s self becomes boundless.