These minimalist furniture pieces are made from recycled plastic

In the circular economy of plastics, plastic is viewed as a valuable material like wood and glass and can be reused continuously. Plastic Flamingo and Modelez Philippines’ eco lumber, which literally looks like wood lumber, hopes to put back the spotlight on recycling and reusing plastics in the most productive and practical ways.

The partner companies recently donated a picnic bench, bike rack, waste cube, and dining set made out of eco lumber to the Paranaque City government. The furniture set features minimalist aesthetic, practical designs that save up space, and durability.

Interested consumers can also buy these recycled items from the enterprise, for their home use and to fund more plastic collection.

Snack company, Mondelez, on the other hand, is a member of the Philippine Alliance for Recycling and Materials Sustainability (PARMS). Its members have committed to supporting efforts to manage plastic and packaging waste and reduce the country’s waste footprint.

Specifically, this covers reducing packaging use and re-designing it for greater recyclability, making manufacturers part of the waste recovery process and strengthening government capabilities, and strengthening the recycling industry for plastic as well as other materials.

Mondelez also abides by its global commitments to reduce the amount of packaging it uses, to make 100% of its packaging recycle ready and labeled with recycling information, and to reduce virgin plastic use in rigid plastic packaging by 25%, or a 5% reduction in virgin plastic in its overall packaging.

“We recognize the responsibility that each one of us has in ensuring plastic waste does not end up in nature,” explains Atty. Joseph Fabul, corporate and government affairs country manager for Mondelez Philippines. “We all have a role. For consumers, it can be deciding to buy in bulk rather than small pieces if they can afford it, and make sure to dispose of their waste properly. For companies like ours, it means being mindful of our packaging use and supporting the collection of what we put out in the market. In 2019 we started our journey to learn how we can support waste collection, launching a project to collect just 1,000 kilos of plastic waste with the Plastic Flamingo the following year. By 2021, we have expanded this to 42,000 kilos, and have turned a part of this collected waste into recycled furniture for the use of our home city of Parañaque.”

Representatives from Paranaque City Government, Plastic Flamingo and Mondelez Philippines

Working with other organizations in 2021, Mondelez Philippines has been able to collect and divert a total of 172,489 kilos of plastic waste, which is equivalent to the weight of as many as 86 automobiles. For 2022 the company aims to collect more, in line with its 2030 commitment with PARMS on recovery. Additionally, Mondelez Philippines’ parent company is also on a mission to ensure 100% zero carbon emissions by 2050.