Lifestyle advice from a bohemian

Madhu’s ideal living room has a 2-seater sofa with soft fabric cover and comfortable pillows, a puja table in one corner (for offering and devotion), fragrant air wafting from a lighted incense, sheer white curtains, and plenty of artworks hanging on the walls. And the kitchen must smell of cinnamon and cardamom, two of her favorite spices. 

Property Report talked to Madhu to ask her to share tips on how to live well on one’s own, but she shared much unconventional wisdom gained from years of free-spirited living in various parts of the Philippines and in other countries like Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Poland—so we’re sharing here some of her tips on homestyling, and more.

Madhu is an Ilongga currently residing in Zarraga, a farming community in Iloilo. She is a fabric artist, a Rajadhiraja Yoga practitioner and teacher, an Orgonite Maker, and a gardener. As a homemaker and solo resident of her colorful and picturesque home, Madhu believes that her home must evolve as she does. Her current physical space, therefore, reflects her present conditions and passions. All of the decor and artworks in her home, as they appear in the photos here, are original works by the artist. Here’s more of Madhu’s fresh perspectives on things.

Stay away from the crowd. 

Only because it can steer one away from one’s purpose. And on a practical note, the pandemic is making many of us realize the wisdom in this. “As an artist, I enjoy my own company. (Living on my own) gives me the freedom to decide on things and not have to ask anyone or consider another person’s opinion,” she explains.

Madhu enjoys doing things the way she wants to, like decorating her home in such a way that she would feel comfortable. She likewise enjoys the spaciousness of her bed, and she gets to sleep and wake up anytime she wants, without having to worry about fixing a meal for another person. “That’s freedom for myself,” she says.

Follow your bliss.

She has been saying yes to her heart’s calling and this brought her to a space of wholeness. Madhu says, “I have made preparations for this kind of life. I am whole and enjoying the moments alone.” 

Madhu adds, “I love to garden and spend my mornings outside with my plants. I manage my time so i can always paint in the afternoon till night.”

Part of the work that she’s currently doing in her garden—her favorite part of the house—is a She Shed, and she’s painting the walls with angel figures. When it’s done, it’s going to be Om Madhu Art Gallery, a space for selling her fabric jewelry, wearable art, and paintings. For now, those interested can find some of her art pieces online at

Take good care of your self. 

As a yoga practitioner and vegetarian for almost four decades, Madhu takes this very seriously. And in case there are health emergencies, she reaches for homeopathic medicines, fresh food, and oils. She makes sure she has “a stash of homeopathic medicines, an emergency kit, vegan food in her freezer, a bottle of peppermint, orange and lavender oil.” Aside from all that, “trust and sweet surrender that I can manage everything (on my own).”

Grow flowers and veggies. And talk to them every day.

What she grows in her garden, she eats. Sometimes the ingredients find their way into vegan cakes and teas sold at Cosmic Burp , Madhu’s home kitchen and gallery. 

“Our food is prepared with love and good intentions to nourish the body as well as the spirit,” she writes on the Cosmic Burp Facebook page. It’s also an effort to raise awareness against putting “violence” on our plate.

All of these have worked for Madhu who has found bliss in her simple and charming home in a small community in Iloilo. Some of her tips might work for the rest of us, too.

Photos courtesy of Madhu