Cleaning most stressful for people of Capiz

The people of Capiz are the most stressed when it comes to cleaning, according to a report by an online resource for house cleaning tips.

In its report, Cleanipedia analyzed more than 800,000 cleaning-themed tweets to reveal the most stressful tidying tasks and the geographical location of people with the most number of complaints. 
This was conducted through the academic tool TensiStrength, which it used to estimate the stress levels in these tweets.

“Of the tweets we analysed in the Philippines we found out that 38.3 percent of those tweets posted by people in Capiz were classified as stressed, making the people of Capiz the most stressed out when it comes to cleaning. That’s a higher proportion than in any other province in the country,” Cleanipedia said.

Capiz was followed by Pangasinan with 37.4 percent of tweets classified as stressed when  it comes to cleaning.

Landing in the top five are Lanao del Sur with 36.9 percent, Tarlac with 36.4 percent, and Cebu with 36.3 percent.

Other Philippine locations in the top ten are Maguindanao (35.4 percent), Agusan del Sur (35.0 percent), Negros Oriental (34.6 percent), Benguet (34.6 percent), and Metro Manila (34.5 percent).

Meanwhile, the report also found that cleaning the bedroom made them the most stressed at 37.4 percent.

This was followed by the bathroom and living room at 31 percent and 28.2 percent, respectively.

Among cleaning tasks, Cleanipedia said dusting is the most stressful one to do.

“Nearly one in three (32.1 percent) of the dusting-related tweets we found were classified as stressed. Sweeping (30.4 percent) is the next most stressful cleaning task,”Cleanipedia said.

Moreover, results of Cleanipedia’s analysis showed that men are more likely to complain about  cleaning than women.

“Our analysis revealed 67 percent of tweets complaining about cleaning came from men and just 33 percent from women,”Cleanipedia said.

Cleanipedia analyzed more than 800,000 tweets related to cleaning sourced from Twitter in August 2021.