Struggling as a plantita or plantito? Here are tips to keep your houseplants healthy

If you’ve picked up the hobby of taking care of plants over the quarantine but just can’t seem to keep them from wilting, here are our best tips to keep your precious plants happy and healthy:

Research, research, research 

Before buying your plant, it’s important to know what kind of space you have and what plant is suitable for it. Take into consideration the temperature, humidity, and the amount of sunlight in your room, as well as the size of the plant you’ll be getting.  

Most houseplants need to be kept in bright, yet indirect sunlight, so it is good practice to keep them placed in the east side of the window where the sunlight doesn’t directly touch their leaves, especially in the hotter summer climate. 

Choosing the correct plant and site is key to successfully keeping all your plants from wilting. 

Get the right supplies 

Just like people and pets, plants need nutrition to help them grow. Supplies like fertilizer are easily available and are a must in keeping your plants in tip-top condition.  

Given that your houseplants are in a pot, their roots are unable to absorb additional nutrients in the surrounding soil, which is what fertilizers are for. Some plants are heavy feeders, while there are others that need little or even no additional fertilizer. 

Additionally, good soil, and a pot with draining holes are also important. The right soil would be dependent on the type of houseplant you’re potting. Some prefer coarse, well-drained soil while others grow better in loamy or even wet soil.  

Pots lacking draining holes may pose a threat to your plants, as waterlogged soil may lead to root rot which is a common culprit of unhealthy and dying plants. Draining holes ensure that water trickles down and you don’t end up flooding your plant. 

Learning more about the type of plant you want to nurture is crucial in determining what type of supplies are best, hence the importance of research. 

Download apps to help you 

Apps such as Planta have many available features to help you keep your houseplants healthy by sending you reminders when it’s time to water them. All you need to do is set a schedule for when you water, mist, or fertilize your plants and even re-pot. 

It is also able to identify your plants via a photo and allows you to keep track of all of them through a journal. On top of this, it also has a light meter so that you can know if you can keep a specific plant in a room without any windows.  

Lastly, Planta also gives step-by-step guides and advice on how to care for your plants when you observe that there may be something wrong with them.  

So if your wilting little lovelies are feeling down, try out these tips to bring back some shine into their lives—and yours!