5 rainy day activities grown-ups can do at home

When you’re stuck at home because it’s raining outside, resist the urge to sleep all day or binge-watch your favorite series while snacking on chips and pizza. There are better ways to spend these wet and cool days even if you’re trapped inside your house.

Take the opportunity to pamper yourself

Let’s face it, you don’t get enough opportunity to do this when you’re busy with errands and work. So if you have a bit of downtime you can actually do any of these self-care rituals: deep condition your hair, give your skin a much-needed scrub for that extra glow, prepare a homemade nourishing and revitalizing mask for your face, or give yourself a colorful mani-pedi. The pampering possibilities are endless.

Try cooking a sophisticated dish

Roll up your sleeves and check if you have the ingredients for that special dish you’ve been wanting to make when you have extra time. Short on ingredients? No problem. You can order almost anything from online supermarkets. Don’t forget to document the steps and take IG-worthy pictures of the finished product.

Declutter, decorate

Take the opportunity to clean your space and discard things that need to be thrown away. Keep a box for stuff you want to donate, give away, or recycle. When you’re done cleaning and decluttering, take it further by doing a bit of decorating. Turn a boring space into an inspiring corner, move furniture around, or upcycle an old piece of furniture. 

Make a teru teru bozu doll

These are Japanese traditional handmade dolls made from tissue paper or cloth that can supposedly drive the rain away. According to legend, the dolls can drive the rain away or prevent it once you hang them outside your door or window. They’re very easy to make, too — take two square pieces of cloth or tissue paper, crumple up one of them to be used as the ball-shaped doll’s head, wrap the other piece around the head and use a rubber band to keep it in place. Make several and string them through twine or a cord so you can easily hang them outside.

Write a handwritten letter to loved ones

It’s more romantic to write the letter this way, but if it doesn’t appeal to you, you can write an email or send a message via any of the messaging apps. The idea is to connect with friends and relatives, especially those whom you haven’t seen during the pandemic or those who are living abroad. Attach pictures or music or, if you’re mailing the letter, use a fountain pen and some nice stationery to make the package extra special.