Mother-baby friendly design tips for your nursery

With lots of babies expected to arrive this year, more parents are now figuring out how to decorate the baby’s room, especially if they live in a small home.

With all the excitement for the arrival of the little bundle of joy, we tend to buy everything, even hoard clothes and baby apparel in different colors. Suddenly, we realize how cramped and stuffed the little room has become.

Basically, the essentials of a baby’s room are a good-quality crib or cot with a new mattress, a changing table with dresser, and a comfortable chair for nursing sessions.

So how do you maximize the little space or make it look a lot bigger?

Color choice

Light, neutral pastels give an impression of a large, well-ventilated room, but it is incorrect to say that solid dark colors always make a room look small. You can have one side painted with a bold, bright color, then the remaining sides and ceiling with a cool gray or neutral tone for an illusion of visual depth. There are also lots of research that suggest the most calming wall colors for babies and children.

Mirrors and lightings

Babies love to see their reflections, and aside from being effective pacifiers—and additional minutes of sleep for new parents—mirrors are a great way to make the room look larger. Place it in front of the window for baby’s best viewing pleasure. Use natural light to your advantage, while in the evening, use a dim night light so you check on the baby without rousing him. As someone said, “Baby naps are God’s way of saying to parents, ‘I love you’.”


When cohabiting or sharing a room with the baby, you may place sheer curtains to divide the space between you and your little one. You can still have a little privacy with your partner while still being able to check on your baby—which is one of the main reasons for cohabiting, next to having a small space.

Multifunctional furniture

Like beds with built-in drawers underneath, the space under the cot can serve as storage for diapers, baby-cleaning stuff or clothes that don’t fit him yet, not to mention the toys and gifts he will receive on his first birthday. It is also best to have a sturdy dresser that also makes a good changing table, and the favorite side table-Ottoman-storage-in-one.


No matter how small, your baby’s nursery is always the biggest source of joy and warmth in your home. Enjoy!