Feeling depleted? Maybe it’s time for a ‘fakecation’

The weather is cooler in November and if the virus were not here to ruin our plans, a lot of us would be doing our Christmas shopping, having early reunions with friends and family, or going on vacations and staycations.

2020 is making everyone weary. The recent tragedies may be too much even for those who were not directly affected but are sensitive and jaded. Self-care could come in the form of a much-deserved mini vacation at home. Some people started calling it a “fakecation.”

Don’t fret at the thought of spending more time at home. With a few tweaks, you can make it extra special for yourself and your loved ones. Here are some ideas.

Get all the work out of the way

That includes cleaning, laundry, shopping, office work, school work, and so on. Make sure that for the day/s you set aside for your mini break, there won’t be work to ruin it.

Ignore the news and social media

If it stresses you out, turn it off. Instead, curl up with a book or watch a good movie alone or with loved ones. Don’t forget to serve fresh popcorn and tubs of your favorite ice cream.

Prepare for it

Shop for fruits, wine, fancy chocolates, snacks, and ingredients you would need to whip up a fancy dinner. Or you could order meals from your favorite restaurants, too. Bring out those unopened bath products that you’ve been saving for a special occasion. This is the perfect time to use it!

Just like a real vacation, take photos

Showcase the vacation ambiance you have created in the home and show off your picture-perfect meals, fresh flowers, candlelight dinner setup, crisp sheets, and so on. You can even have a mini photoshoot with friends or family, complete with props, some fancy lighting, and costumes.

Schedule self-healing activities

Make sure there’s a quiet time for journaling, meditation, prayer, some yoga stretches, or tai chi forms. Read poetry while having a cup of coffee, go for an early morning jog while listening to your exercise playlist. Do whatever feels good for you.

Don’t feel guilty about prioritizing your wellbeing. You need to be okay to be able to go out there and face work and people and obligations again. A little fakecation won’t hurt, it may even help you feel better inside, strengthen your relationships with your housemates, and give you the strength and inspiration to face our present day struggles.