The mission of Ovialand

As businesses expand and grow, organizations must resist the urge to be drowned in tasks and processes. They focus on the company’s mission to ensure that it does not become far-fetched and distant from the persons entrusted to deliver it.

This year, the mission of Ovialand was tested yet strengthened as we decided as a united team to not let a pandemic get in the way of our pursuit.

As the Ovialand team, we have embraced a common definition of success: families moving into their premier homes in family-centered communities, providing livelihood and income to numerous individuals and families that depend on our company, and realizing our potential.

Focusing on our mission and purpose has allowed us to see beyond setbacks — big and small.

The Philippine housing backlog is a gargantuan challenge that seems insurmountable to attack. But if we see it from Filipinos’ perspective, it means that many families remain without permanent homes they can call their own.

Beyond shelter, homes are a basic foundation that children and families need to thrive in society. It is the place and setting where happy memories are made, and adversities are overcome.

While we focus on this mission, we can give employment and livelihood to the many moving parts related to this objective. Our brokers and agents, partner subcontractors, suppliers, and a whole battalion of workers that work with us also move towards their aspirations.

This humbling reality is upon us every day, and we take this commitment seriously.

I am in disbelief that the year 2020 is almost done. And while it was not the year we had all planned for, there is immense gratitude in my heart as we could continue with our mission despite a pandemic. It has given me renewed vigor and excitement as we look forward to the years ahead in working towards our mission of providing Premier Family Living.