Teledirect Telecommerce opens ‘Be Happier’ office in Cebu

Over 400 high-paying jobs are set to open in Cebu City in 2019 and another 400 in 2020 as premium boutique BPO company Teledirect Telecommerce sets its sights on developing the talent pool in Cebu City, guided by its “Be Happier” corporate principle.   

“Cebu has always been part of our growth strategy in the country. We aim to develop the best talents in Cebu and we intend to do this with a compensation package that is ranked in the top quartile of the industry standard and a performance incentive of up to 30 percent from employees’ monthly income,” shared Vanessa Faye Garcia, head of Client Solutions at Teledirect Philippines.

The Cebu office of Teledirect Telecommerce reflects the relaxing vibe of Cebu with its renowned beaches, suburban yet progressive cityscapes, and the warmth of its people.

Teledirect’s third office in the country recently opened at HM Tower in Cebu IT Park. Like its counterparts in Metro Manila, the new office resembles a comfortable and welcoming home showcasing the company’s commitment to develop a happier workforce, which is also key to accelerating career growth.

“We design our workspaces as we would design our own homes. We try to make them look and feel as warm and cozy as possible. We want our people to feel privileged and happy to work in such an outstanding environment. Our main measurement of success is social media. If our employees are proud to post pictures commenting how amazing Teledirect offices are, then we know that we did a great job,” revealed Vanessa.

“We design our workspaces as we would design our own homes,” says Vanessa Faye Garcia, head of Client Solutions at Teledirect Philippines.

In the saturated BPO industry, Teledirect differentiates not only with its highly competitive compensation package and carefully designed, gracious office, it also offers premium health benefits, learning festivals done each quarter hosted by the leadership team, and recreational activities that involve everything from outings and themed events, to personalized tokens, and other perks.

“Our biggest satisfaction is to see how many of our employees use the #BeHappier in their own posts, or even better when they create their own new hashtags mixing ‘happier’ and ‘Teledirect.’ #BeHappier it’s also a reminder for us to never forget that our people is our main goal,” said Javier Lopez-Sanz, Head of Marketing and Communications.

Teledirect Cebu’s design champions the “Be Happier” mantra.

In 2018, Teledirect had an employee satisfaction rate of 90 percent. The reputable company has earned over 180 international and regional awards in a span of 23 years, mostly due to its outstanding operations, its people, and unique employee retention programs that solidify its position as employer of choice.

Headquartered in Singapore, Teledirect Telecommerce has seven other office locations across Asia and Europe namely in Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Spain, and the Philippines. Since 1995, the company has implemented over 5,000 successful programs and has a customer acquisition record of three  million.

The spacious office infuses details that are conversation starters.OPER

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