Bayview Park Hotel Manila reopens with safety protocols in place

After three months of closure due to the COVID-19 community quarantine, Bayview Park Hotel Manila on Roxas Boulevard reopened on July 1.

The three-star hotel has upgraded its facilities to ensure the health and safety of guests and employees. It is running at 50 percent capacity and is currently offering only room accommodations to the public to ensure that social distancing protocols are observed. The hotel’s facilities — such as the swimming pool, fitness gym, conference rooms, and children’s activity center — remain closed. The Bayview Coffeeshop will only do room service of packed meals for in-house guests.

In compliance with the health sanitation protocols and procedures set by the Department Of Tourism, Bayview Park Hotel Manila is also implementing sanitation measures such as putting sanitizing mats and disinfectants at all entry points, floor markings to observe the one-meter distance between guests in a queue, and imposing a “no handshake” policy in greeting guests. Hotel staff are also being discouraged to show the guests to their rooms after check-in.

Following the guidelines implemented by the Department of Tourism, Bayview Park Hotel Manila is enforcing social distancing in the hotel’s public areas.

Guests are required to observe social distancing, wearing masks in the hotel’s public spaces, surrendering to temperature checks, and frequent hand sanitizing using the alcohols placed around the hotel. 

All guests and employees are required to wear facemasks as the hotel operates at 50 percent capacity.

As Bayview Park Hotel Manila eases into the new normal, it hopes to serve guests in its utmost capacity while remaining hopeful that full business can soon resume once the community quarantine is lifted.

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